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1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

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From IMPS Chunks Newsleter October 1996-

MPS Summer 1996 Meet

The summer meet began in Torridon, sharing a campsite with a kleptomaniac jackdaw. Those on the minibus (Bruce, Doug, John, Paul, Lindsay, Sarah, Elaine, Poppy and myself) were soon joined by Stu, Mark Wimlett and Alleyn (considerably timed to act as an alarm-clock). Most people began the meet with an afternoon stroll up Fionn Beinn, while,. 'those who had already bagged it contented themselves by re-routing the allegedly "gentle' -walk for the injured and unfit over Maol Cam Duarg. The weather improved the next day - presumably due to the arrival of Heather, Brad and Jacqui. The next walk was Moruisg and Sgurr nan Caermaichan (Mollusc and Crustacean in the E. Smith Guide to Gaelic pronunciation). That evening Bruce demonstrated his sense of presidential responsibility by climbing Liathach at midnight with Paul and Stu. The flaws in this idea became apparent when the rest of the group climbed it the next day (yes, the word Ramsoc was mentioned) and failed to understand how they had conquered the almost vertical scree slope followed by an even steeper climb in the dark. We eventually reached the ridge, not quite the knife edge that was expected, but the steep drop down on each side did not look very friendly. The Munros themselves caused few problems, but the Pineapples led to a splinter group of the society forming - WIMPS. (technically WIMS if no pineapple, - Ed) The rest of the week was taken up with bagging Beirm Eighe, Beinn Alligin and Slioch with various expeditions to go climbing or tea shop bagging. Alleyn finished his week in style (he went home with Stu and Mark the next day) by reaching 100 on Beinn Liath Mor and Sgurr Ruach. Other notable achievements of the week included Chris cycling to the campsite from Inverness, John and Mark bagging ? and ? in x hours rather than the estimated y, and Brad bagging 6 on his one man expedition to Glen Affric. Social life in Torridon was mainly restricted to the Loch Torridon Hotel, if only to watch the fear on Doug's face every time the aggressive and oversized barmaid approached. Bruce did claim that he attempted to hitch a lift to a party on a car bonnet, and then there was the lads night out at the Torridon ceillidh which seemed mainly to involve dancing with each other to avoid Doug's barmaid. The next day we moved to Cannich and suffered the horrors of a family campsite. Its main advantage was the free showers which meant that Sarah and Lindsay didn't have to swap halfway. Heather, Brad and Jacqui escaped before the good weather ended, leaving us the joy of bagging the Glen Strathfarrar four in rain and cloud. Gordon's goretex began to leak in the rain, so now he looks rather underripe in places after the dye from his fleece ran. Lindsay reached 100 after bagging the 5 in the east end of Glen Affric on Wednesday. Thursday night we discovered the only good pub in Cannich (next to the Spar) where the landlord actually seemed to like us, curiously this was also the night we got thrown off the campsite. In my opinion this was probably revenge for Paul's drinking session with some illegal trout fishers the night before. He did retract the accusation the next day, but the insult to the club was not to be forgiven, and we moved to the comfort of the burikhouse in Roybridge. The luxury proved too much for Paul the next morning, and he had to be driven from his bed by exposure to Bruce's socks. The meet ended in bagging the Grey Corries, which raised Bruce's total to 150 and Doug's to 100. As for the prizes: Poppy got the pineapple with a well deserved 23, 1 got the rock and Elaine got the bogroll. John got a chefs hat for his skills with a trangia, this may become an official prize: the other side of meet cookery honoured by Doug winning another pack of cheese slices, Paul got some coffee to prevent future exposure to Bruce's socks, and Bruce a postcard of caravans after moaning about them the whole meet. Lindsay got a climbing kit after falling off everything, including her bed, and Sarah a mudpack. At the end of the meet, everyone seemed to have enjoyed at least some of it, and complaints were even heard there was three months before the next one!

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