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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

Two weeks of glorious sunshine, honestly, just one light shower in the middle of one night, that's it. Drove up to Assynt (that is, Julie did, our faithful one and only driver for the whole meet) asked the Hotel if we could camp in the field next to it; fine by them, at the bargain fee of 30p per person-night if we promise to be good bar customers. Did Conival, and Ben More Assynt, Gordon the Pineapple's first Munros (Melinda knitted him some clothes before the next winter meet). We explored some caves up the Assynt valley, finding two close together with a low, stream-filled tunnel possibly linking them, and considered trying to float Gordon through in a mapcase, but Melinda went mental.

The sunny summer 90 team on Ben More Assynt

Soon there were no Munros left to do, so some had a mega-slob day (see picture below) by Loch Stack, while keen types did Arkle and Ben Stack. We had spotted a nice sandy mini-beach round the other side of the loch, and set off laden with slob-gear, only to run out of collective motivation too soon, and end up slobbing out on a little tussocky peninsular

On returning from a hard day's slobbing they were devestated to find that they were locked out of the minibus, with only a tennis ball to amuse themselves with. They set out in search of a bat-like object, eventually finding a green ballcock loosely attached to a kind of bath behind a barn, and the sport of Ballcock Cricket was born. Said ballcock was (we were by now far to attached to it to just leave it there) later to be awarded to Martin Spiers for services to the cause of excessive sensibleness, and he skipped down the middle of the road back from the pub waving it regally.

Then a stay in Ullapool Youth Hostel, and up Stac Pollaidh, some defeated by its last step, while others tried to show how easy it was by doing it with only one arm and one leg, or no arms, just legs (at least that is what it says in my hills diary, having been back recently I found it rather hard with all limbs; must be getting old!)

The Suilven. So hot that someone's motorbike in Lochinver had fallen over after the tarmac had melted under its stand. Justin and Grom chose a harder gully running alongside the easy route onto the ridge, Justin hugged a large rock that decided to stick to him rather than the mountain, and kind of rolled over his head. He topped out with a pretty impressive gash, which we bandaged up, and he insisted on going to the top before we couold get him off to the doctor. So we never got a chance to try for the East top, has anyone done it since?

Then came the Fannich Nine (Munros), a homemade extension of the route in 'Big Walks', the only problem being lack of a water supply. As competition for the meet pineapple was really hotting up Andy Epstein famously claimed, 'I'm not bagging, I'm just getting my numbers up!'

Off to Glen Brittle Youth Hostel, and the In Pinn, by rope up the vertical side, and solo up the long side. First abseils for some off the top, and back to the tents just after 11pm (no one had bothered to take a Petzl). Am Bastier and the Tooth were done too, with the warm, dry rock begging to be climbed. Nick White went for a bit of inspired culinary latteral thinking- and came up with the following delicacy...

The legendary Pot Noodle Jelly of Glen Brittle....makes dog food look appetising!

Recreatable in two easy steps; simply make a chicken pot noodle according to the cooking instructions on the pot (not forgetting to add the little sachet of Soy source), throw in a couple of cubes of blackcurrant jelly and leave to set in a youth hostel fridge. Then we moved to the Glenbrittle beach campsite, which was many people's first midge nightmare. Once we barricaded ourselves in the Minibus, and exterminated trapped thousands with midge-spray. When we hired the same bus months later there were still piles of dead midges under the windows.

We finished the meet in Crialarich YH with a poor attempt to match Nick's Pot Noodle Jelly Delight, by throwing all of our leftover food into a giant pot and stewing it for quite a long time to be sure it wasn't alive. Unlike the PNJ, some of this 4-gallon stew actually got eaten (probably because there was now nothing else left to eat) and the rest was dumped on the 'Spare Food' shelf where it is probably still sitting to this day.

The meet Pineapple award went to Chris for 24 Munros, with the Bogroll going to Nick White with 10 Munros + some lesser hills (or maybe just in case he decided to eat the PNJ).

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