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1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
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Friday 1st December at 8:30am

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This year on Skye, we had stunning whether and stunning views. (Similar to 2 years ago, when I was last there - I think I must carry good whether in my rucksack!)... perhaps just lucky, it rained the day MPS drove up and the day they left.

Let the Photo's speak for themselves:

An Stac, and it's scree slope. If you look carefully, you can also make out the Inaccessible Pinnacle.

An Stac screes lead up to probably one of the most famous munros, the In-Pin (Inaccessible Pinnacle) -Sgurr Dearg. This is the hardest mountain in England to Climb, because it involves a sensational pitch of Mod rock climbing. Unless you fancy down climbing this again, the easiest way of decent is via abseil. It is said the Sir Hugo Munro missed out the Inn Pin, but it wasn't included as the summit in the munro tables at his time C.1900.

Pinnacle ridge from below the Bastier Gorge

On pinnacle Ridge

Here is a bunch of us on pinnacle ridge this year, a fine day out. Depending on conditions, 1 or more abseils will be required to progress to the Summit, Sgurr-nan gillian.

Jakub tooks some amazing photos, thanks Jakub. I tried to pick a few favorites from his album, but I couldn't, so check his picture out here: Jakub Marecek's Skye 2011 Photos. I also took a few pic's as well, which are here: Greg Martin's Photos. N.B mine also include the week before, where I was bumming around after LAMM, before you lot arrived in Skye. Special mention to my friend Joe, who I did LAMM with... his 1st mountain Marathon! He drove me to Skye before returning to Inverness to drop off our Car and fly home; thanks Joe.

Sean approaching the Summit of Clach Glas

Clach Glas Summit

The red cullin traverse is an overlooked gem of Skye; its big brother the Black Cullin draws the crowds away. Clach Glas rightly earns its description as the Matterhorn of Skye, which is linked to near the to of the East flank of Bla Bheinn. via a ridge of similar intensity/difficulties to that of the black Cullin! Sean in the picture on the right is scrambling up the final pitch to the summit, this pitch is one of the best scrambles I have ever done.

Greg on Clach Glas (I think)

An since I'm writing this report, he is a picture of me from behind. Thankfully I didn't give anyone food poisoning on this trip and everyone was complimentary of my cooking; part of the trip experience with MPS is spanking good food. N.B(I've been using the word spanking a lot lately to describe good things .... :>S ....)

Playing at the fairy pools

If your legs are too tired to do any more walking, or even if they are not, you MUST visit the fairy pools whilst on Skye. The fairy pools are rated as one of the best places for Open Water Swimming, including a natural water slide, rock bridge and plunge pool. A recommended way to start is by bouldering out over the water. Unless you are Ben Moon, you will soon be wet and the fun really begins. I learnt that heal hooking without rock shoes can result in cut heels. MPS discovered the fairy pools last year on Skye, when the whether was not so good for climbing; only after finding out how awesome they were did we realize they are rated highly by open water swimmers; being so remote however they don't see many visitors. MPS trips always have adventures and discoveries, I think this is one of the things that makes them so much fun!

Finally, the munro tally for skye this year has been completed, so check out what you and everyone else did. Doe's anyone think a route tally would be a good edition to keeping a munro tally? After all, mountaineering is about the journey as much as the summit.

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