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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Ice Climb

Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

Skye = Very wet, very windy and just a little cold!

Day 1 - Friday

After a very early start of 8am the minibus was packed and MPS was once again on the road travelling to Scotland, with radio 1 leaking out of the speakers, for the annual meet on the Isle of Skye. However the first weekend was spent in the LAMM location of Loch Assynt in the far North West of Scotland.
We arrived at LAMM 06? at around 8pm and as soon as the bus was parked everyone was keen to get out of the bus only to be met by a sea of blood thirsty midgies that would tear through any material to get to flesh. Tents were put up next to Nips, food was eaten, rucksacks were packed then everyone hit the sack. Well, those doing LAMM did while the rest of us had a more of a relaxed evening, glad that we weren't running over mountains the next day.

Day 2 - Saturday

Some idiot decided to play the bagpipes at 5am in the morning, which if I had my way he would be permeately playing them out of his arse! After eventually getting back to sleep everyone got up at 9am after those doing LAMM were well gone. Sophie, Andy, Andy, Vince, Steve, Dave and Ali went on a double bag of Ben More Assynt and Conival. A long glen walk in was followed by a grade 1 sramble ridge walk up onto Ben More Assynt and then fairly easy walking up to Conival and back to the LAMM centre.

Saturday evening consisted of more midgies, food, chatting to random people who also couldn't be bothered to do LAMM, and bed. O yeah not forgetting the pub!

Day 3 - Sunday

Vince gets up early to scramble up a random crag
Andy goes on a run where we walked the day before
The rest of us chilled round the campsite watching out for the finishers of LAMM

Sunday afternoon/evening was spent packing and driving to the not so far North Isle of Skye where camp was set up and then dinner cooked, which Steve managed to spill the entire pan of chilli all over the floor. Which we immediately started to scoop back into the pan hoping no one would see it, only to realise everyone was actually in the tent watching and weren't to pleased about the extra protein. Damo not liking to see food go to waste then commenced eating the remaining chilli off the floor along with grass, dirt and spilt petrol. O yeah and the rice was burnt!! (not steve's fault!!)

Day 4 - Monday

After a late start, Chris decided to lead a group up on the Cuillin that consisted of Steve, Dave, Ali and Andy (none of us had ever been on the Cullin before). After practicing prusiking off the back of the bus they set of at 11am to tackle Sgurr Alasdair, Sgurr Mhic Coinnich and the Inpin. Slowly navigating along the ridge with use of both the map and guidebook Sgurr Mhic Coinnich and Sgurr Alasdair were bagged and the bottom of the Inpin reached.
Steve soloed the Inpin while the rest took the sensible option of the use of a rope led by Chris. While everyone abseiled down the clouds lifted and the full extent of the cuillin was revealed with comments such as 'we've just gone along that?', 'bloody hell' and 'awesome'. We arrived back at the campsite at 10pm after a long but rewarding day, only to be met by the worst midgie outbreak Skye had seen all year.

Chetta, Sophie, Vince and Andy went climbing (discuss here)
Damo, Martin and Nick stayed on the campsite recovering from LAMM. Franco completed the South Loch Brittle Navigational challenge as set by Damo - only getting 9/14 points within 30m meant he had to buy Damo a pint for sitting at the campsite all day doing nothing but fret that his presidency was going to marred by a horrific accident that would result from allowing a group of cullin novices to go up whilst all the experienced ones stayed at the campsite...

Day 5 - Tuesday

Chetta, Sophie, Andy and Vince decided to attempt the full ridge traverse (discribe here).

Everyone else took one look at the weather and decided that this was stupid and decided not to go anywhere near the ridge due to the horizontal rain caused by the very strong winds. After tieing the Matt Rose tent down we all jumped into the mimbus to go and investigate the Old Man of Storr. Quick stop in Portree afterwards and then into the pub in Sligachan in plenty of time for the England match. At least 3 hours early i think! Damo took one for the team by pulling up to the pub door so we didnt get wet before parking the bus and running before getting soaked. Chetta and his group were already there a few beers up after their failed attempt of the ridge due to the weather.
Got back to the campsite expecting to see the Matt Rose tent hanging of the campsite owners saterllite dish to discover it was still standing proud - along with extra reinforcment added by chetta, vince, andy and sophie.

Day 6 - Wednesday

Woke up to more of the same horrible weather, and the campsite supervisor took pity on us and allowed to temporarily move into the garage. This time everyone decided not to go up on the ridge and we all headed off to Dunvegan castle only to realise that it cost 6 (or just under 3pints) to get in and as we were thinking about taking the cheaper options of the gardens it started to piss it down again, so of to Dunvegan hotel for afternoon tea and scones. A quick walk to a lighthouse was decided on and after parking in a farmers yard we walked the 2km to the lighthouse - but it was rubbish - just a box with a light on, walk was a laugh tho.
Back at campsite the weather had improved slightly so time for a quick swim before dinner.

Steve, Vince, Andy and sophie went off in the minibus to find wood for a fire on the beach. Pity it was so windy that you couldn't feel the heat from the fire.

Day 7 - Thursday

Chris, Dave, Ali, Andy, Martin went up onto the ridge to do Sgurr a Mhadaidh, Sgurr a Ghreadaidh, Sgurr na Banachdich and the In Pin again (except Dave who thought he'd save time by sitting at the bottom of the In Pin). Met Andy G and Vince on the In Pin. The sun nearly came out for about and hour but alas, no, we descended to Glen Brittle in the mist.
Andy and Vince went to climb a wet HS on Sgurr Dearg and finished off on the In Pin.
Chetta and Sophie went home.
Damo, Franco, Steve and Nick drove to Portree to buy mince for the evening meal and then went to Carbost pub for pre-noon whiskys. Franco lowered Damo off some sea cliffs in a Thompson knot to practice his ropework.
Everyone got of the ridge safely and after food and prizes we all went to Carbost pub for the last evening.

Day 8 - Friday

Up at 6am to pack the bus and get on the road, slow trip through Scotland due to bloody tin shed's (caravans) been all over the roads. We finally dropped Franco off in Stirling and Steve somewhere on the A66 and made it back to nottingham.

Pineapple - Ali, Dave, Andy (7 munros?)
Rock - Chris (for been 'ard!)
Bog roll (or sheet) - Damo, Franco and Nick (zero, that's ZERO munros)

Song of the week = Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders

Best parts of the week:

  • Competing in Lamm,
  • The ridge between Sgurr Sgumain and the In Pin,
  • Running across the bog back to the campsite,

Pictures from the week can be found on Steve's website

(there were 2 andys on the trip - unfortunately i can't remember surnames - can someone fill them in? and also the sections i missed out? and anything else? - steve)

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