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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

Skye 2005 & LAMM (Isle of Mull):


Saturday 11th June
-Set off from Nottingham without too much faffing. Pick up Dave Chetta from Keele Services.
-Get stuck in traffic past Stirling due to some chavs who overturned their car.
-Stop in Fort William to buy food and dinner. Safeway is being reformed into Morrisons – Tesco’s saves the day.
-Arrive in Glenbrittle campsite at about 11pm. Set up tents at dusk, most lie awake listening to the howling wind wondering whether it is their tent threatening to fly away (it was Damo’s)

Sunday 12th June
Walk 1
-Weather glorious for Skye (it’s not pissing it down)
-Chris leads Ed, Nick, Fabian, Leah, Jo, Rob and Dave C to Sgurr nan Eag and Sgurr Dubh Mor – the two southernmost Munros on the Cullin.
-Easy walk into Stob Coire a Ghrunda then scrambling starts in earnest.
-Great views from top, Leah’s first Munro bagged!
-Nick leads Jo and Leah back to camp.
-Chris takes remaining group to Sgur Dubh Mor.
-Scares the hell out of Fabian who clings on to ridge for dear life. Rob runs past him along the top sending a text message (maniac!).

Walk 2
-Paul, Claire, Jim, Damo & Adam do Sgurr a'Mhadaidh, Sgurr a' Ghreadaidh and Sgurr na Banachdich and solo the In Pin? as their fourth.
-Arrive back in time for a Damo-cooked Chilli
-Al and Claire Williams arrive.

Walk 3-x

Monday 13th June
Bimble 1
-Nick and Fabian go on mega bimble to Portree, have coffee and cakes in a tea-shop straight out of the 1950's. Nick tries on every single waterproof paramo outer in the gear shop but does not buy anything…

Walk 1
-On the route to Portree, Nick drops Al, Ed, Jim and Damo off at Slig to climb Pinacle Ridge. They climb, abseil (the worst ab ever), climb some more, bag Sgurr nan Gillean and Am Basteir, abseil some more, crawl through a hole, jump onto a ledge, abseil some more and Al has a near miss when rock meets hand (as appose to hand meets rock). 10 pm and they’re all safely (sort of) back at the Slig consuming vast quantities of food (I think Daymo had 2 meals). Offers on a better spelling of Daymo – I toyed with Dammo, Daimo and Damo before settling on Daymo, although I’m still not entirely satisfied with this. Thanks to Fabian for driving back to the pub so late at night to pick us up – and therefore not having a beer!

Walk 2
-Paul, Jo, Claire, and who else?? walk from campsite round Cullin Ridge to Slig pub. My log say 6 of us, can't recall who. Went via the hills to west of Glenbrittle, took ages to slog over the long grass. Jo

Walk 3-x
Chetta, Adam and Rob do Sgurr Alaisdair via an endless grass slope, realise their compass doesn't work, get to the top of something, assume "this is probably it" (it was actually), try to do Sgurr Mhic Chonnich, see a big wall of rock in the way, realise mountaineering is a stupid idea at the best of times and the times were frankly rubbish. Come down great stone chute. Chetta smoking throughout.

-Franco arrives at Slig pub. All sit around and have dinner in pub waiting for Pinnacle Ridge crew.
-We all become Star Wars characters…

Tuesday 14th June
(When did Matt H arrive?)
Walk 1
-Chris leads Al, Chetta, Franco, Fabian, Ed, Jo and Nick to climb In Pin?, Sgurr na Banachdich, Sgurr a' Ghreadaidh and Sgurr a'Mhadaidh.
-Jo heads back to camp feeling unwell via the ridge, excellent view.
-Franco, Al (with battered arm) and Chetta (while smoking) solo the In Pin?.
-Ed and Chris lead a terrified but tuneful Fabian and Nick up In Pin? (Ed gets entertained half way up the In Pin? by some great close harmony singing from Nick and Fabo and shows his appreciation by saying "will you two shut up? You're embarassing me!".
-Hooray! We’ve done the In P In?! Abseil down where the soloists are freezing waiting for us and off to do the other three. Rain comes in along with fog.
-Scary scrambles in the wet. Chris gets impatient with scared scramblers (“Look you lot, even Vicky got down this bit so no excuses”)
-Fabian's recurring peg-leg returns on descent and has to be baby sat back to the road. Ed drives out to fetch him.

Walk 2-x

Wednesday 15th June
Bimble 1
-Fabian cooks chilli
-Drive to Portree and many happy pineapples go gear shopping and food shopping. Climbing on the bus starts an obsession with being driven while on the roof!!

Walk 1
Matt, Jim and Al set out to definitely not have an epic. The first 2 Munros seemed easy (Sgurr nan Eag and Sgurr Dubh Mor) and so inevitably they decided to do more. The group was nearly defeated by the mighty Sgurr Alasdair (no relation), at least until Jim read the guide book. Getting to the top of Sgurr Mhic Choinnich became a case of just doing it at getting down, although some fine scrambling was found near the summit. The walk was finished by hoofing it down the great stone shoot back to camp. Back at camp large quantities of Chill con Carne were consumed (left by the rest of the group (thanks guys) who’d buggered off to the pub (thanks guys)).

-In the evening, we all headed to pub in Carbost.

Thursday 16th June
Walk 1
-Ed drives Claire to Slig to get a bus home. If she had stayed the extra day, would have been awarded the bog roll for a spectacular 0 Munros.
-Chris leads Paul, Claire, Fabian, Adam, Chetta and Rob to do Bruich na Frith, Am Basteir and Sgurr nan Gillean (the northern most three). Nick, Leah and Franco to do just Bruich na Frith.
-All make it to Bruich na Frith and enjoy a spectacular view of the inside of a cloud.
-First group joined by Matt who wants to climb Am Basteirs tooth. Disgusted that none of us have the right climbing gear. Continue round the tooth to get to Am Basteir (Matt grumbles).
-Fabian loses the plot and has mega freak-out vertigo!!
-All carry on to Sgurr nan Gillean.
-Long descent to Slig pub.

Walk 2-x
-Jo circumnavigates entire Cullin Ridge alone which was gorgeous, especially round the coast where there was no human sign for miles, wild deer, foxes...
Walk 3 Jim and Al, having only 1 Munro left to complete all the Munros in the Cullin Ridge (Brauch na Frithe), set of late and climb at a leisurely relaxing pace. They meet Franko, Nick and Leah; Leah is battling her first ever scramble and, in true Star Wars style, she wins! For some stupid reason Al and Jim run part of the way back to the car. I suspect this is because they are a right pair of idiots. Thanks to some “good runnin” they arrive back early in the afternoon and spend the whole afternoon doing not much at all. I recall Jim reading about a medical condition in the New Scientist which described Ed to perfection: a tendency to make rubbish puns, laugh at their own jokes and tell stories that don’t go anywhere (if anyone can remember the name or details better, please add them!). Another medical condition said something about uncontrollable laughter at inappropriate moments (Daymo?!?).

-Nick cooks dinner and it is Ed’s birthday and the pineapple (chunks) awards
-Al H gets the Rock for soloing the In P In? with a battered arm
-Al H, Chetta, Jim and Adam get the Pineapple (chunks) for completing all 11 Munros on the Black Cullin.
-Jo gets the bog roll for managing 1 Munro.
-Ed and Al are given their birthday cake - too much cream for Ed perhaps?
-Off to Slig pub for Ed’s Birthday. Ed gets given ‘the bumps’ as we leave!

Friday 17th June
-Wake up to a boiling hot and sunny day and a sea of midges
-Pack up camp, drive to Fort William to drop Fabian and Nick off (who had to get back to Nottingham) and to get more food.
-Head off to Oban to find out the exact location for LAMM
-Ferry to Mull

Was not there but heard about lost keys and Al Middleton’s epic and unnecessary Journey!!

Yes well, fortunately we were never exactly sure who lost the minibus keys, which is probably a good thing. So whilst the enthusiatic people went running over mountains for LAMM, the rest of us spent a morning asking everyone on the island (well it felt like it) whether they'd found our keys. The minibus company said we could have the spares but it was up to us to get them to Mull, and after investigating horrendously expensive couriers Leah had the brilliant idea of asking Alistair to travel up with them. Which he very kindly did. Of course, the next day, just as Alistair was arriving in Oban, the lost keys were handed in to LAMM lost property. Oh well. (Sorry Alistair.) So we didn't much walking on Mull, although Chris & Matt hitchhiked to Ben Pass-but-it's-a-Munro on the Sunday. On Saturday afternoon we took a stroll round the coast and had fresh mussels in paella for tea, definitely the best meal all trip. We left Mull on Sunday evening, when the ferry company found room for us, and got back to Nottingham just as dawn was breaking.

Franco and Damo came 3rd in LAMM D class (which they were quite pleased with), so will have to enter C class next year. After crossing the finish line, the first thing Franco saw was the minibus keys on the lost property table!

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