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Next Meet

"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

Next Social

AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Ice Climb

Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

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10th Jan 09

  • Site moved to new SU server. Any teething problems please list here
  • removed old history for most edited (largest pages) to speed up loading
  • removed all the hard links I could find

2nd Nov 07

  • Upgraded to pmwiki-2.2.0-beta63. Any teething problems please list here

08th March 07


07th March 07

Is there a different way to upload files to the committee resources area? I'm trying to upload a couple of word docs and it doesn't seem to want to do it. Do I have to add something extra? steve

It seems to be working fine for me. Two hints:
  1. Be aware of what password you are using. If you use the admin password then everything always works - but if you logged into the committee area with the 'committee area' password you will still have to enter the upload password to upload stuff. Sorry this is a bit confusing, I'll see if I can simplify it. There probably is no need for a separate password for the committee area.
  2. You have to upload from within the Committee group. If you want to link to a file uploaded to the main group, then use Attach:Main/file.ext Δ. Clicking the attach link has a list of files uploaded for the group you are currently in.


Cheers Franco - I've now got most uploaded - I think the one i'm having trouble with is because the file size is too big - so i'll zip it at some point and then upload the zipped file. Steve
Upload size limit now increased to 10Mb for all pages within the Committee group. Franco

6th March 07

Get Firefox 2.0 - it has a built in spell checker for web forms and is generally a great browser.

20 Feb 07

Template Updated - you can now:

  • Hide the 'Upcoming' on a page to make more space by using (:noright:) somewhere on the page. see Page Directives and Snow Hole for and example.
  • Disable google indexing of a page by using (:robots noindex,nofollow:). See Cookbook:ControllingWebRobots
  • Break a page into sections wikpedia style using ==== or make autosections based on headings by inserting (:autosections:)

Site.Improvements - Vote on what you would like to see?

Older News also needs sorting out as there is stuff duplicated with News

20 Jan 07

Any one looking to waste some time either during or after their exams could tidy up the Links Of Interest page!

28th December 06

Those of you adding to the Bothys Bagged page, feel free to tidy it up and reorganise it - the layout is a bit outdated referring to last year trips. I have a few Bothies from the last year which I hven't got round to adding to yet. One behind Newtonmore, Culra Bothy, Faindouran Lodge (Cairngorms), Something in Glen Affric and I think maybe some others I've forgotten.
Franco December 29, 2006, at 08:21 PM

21st December 06

Steve / Damo, please backup the site, I made it very easy for you to do, so use it regularly! Now is a good time. Franco December 21, 2006, at 11:45 AM

20 November 06 Will someone please tell me if there is a different password, as i was unable to change the main page picture. I am trying to put up one of steve's photos from the weekdend and it went a bit wrong, luckily I got it back to what it was. The photo i would like to put up is found through this link. If people would like to add me to msn then tell me stuff about how to work this website and passwords and the like then my email is gurfield at gmail dot com. Gerard

  • There is a different password for uploading.

21st September 06

  • The Sandy Hillocks Bothy page was a victim of spam last night - thankfully one page only and the damage was easily corrected. Franco, Gaff or Chris - any chance we could get the general editing password back? Fabian
    • This is up to the committee Franco

23rd Sept 06

  • As was the leavers 06 page - again the vandal stopped at one page- i think the new features are preventing large scale attacks - but do we want an edit password? Committee, I've given you the ability to do it whenever, if you read the email I sent a few weeks ago. Franco
    • Suspect the spammers give up once they work out that their links don't work. Therefore I think the measures Franco put in place are doing their job perfectly and there really isn't any need currently for more passwords and whatnot Gaff?
    • If it becomes more of a problem then yes we'll put a password on it, but we'll wait and see how bad it is over the next 2 weeks. Damo

23rd August 06

Volunteers needed to:

  • Generally spice up bland text based pages with pics - we have enough pics already just to throw in here and there. See Image Listing and Attachment Thumbnails
  • tidy up the Photo Galleries page
    • I'm not sure whether people will want to move the past galleries to another annexe? Feel free to do so!
    • Also, I randomly put two pictures in last night straight from a meet report. Committee or at least Steve (who regularly adds colour to meet reports), please regularly replace the pictures after a trip with some you think look good! Fabian
  • tidy up the Mountain Media page - now done good work steve!
  • tidy up the Links Of Interest page - add Al Powelss Site for Alps weather
  • I've had a go at reformatting the Resources page. Just a pointer - the way I get the thumbnails all the same size is by opening powerpoint (portrate view), insert picture, stretch or crop accordingly to fill the blank page and then simply save it as a .jpg. I have used the same method with all the committee mugshots too. Fabian

18th August 06

  • If I get on with finishing the upgrade to wiki version 2, there will be oppurtunities to install clever new stuff such as spell checkers and the ability to undo muliple vandalism changes. Look at cookbook for ideas of what is possible. I may also improve / revamp the layout and formatting template for the site. What I want to find out is what things to people want - for example a link that does this that or the other, or changing the layout etc? Let me know here. Franco
    • Is there any chance we could get a different colour skin? Or at least have a kind of watermark picture in the background of each page? It would look nice. Also, the logo of Gordon at the bottom RHS of each page is doubled and also green! Fabian

Mr Pres - I would suggest putting a news item top of the page saying something welcoming to people about to join the uni who may have just got their A-level results and be looking around at clubs to join... and alos make sure the About us page says what you want it to. Franco
Ok - good idea Damo.

  • Side Bar getting a bit cluttered? - Now sorted

I would argue for the commitee pages and mailing list links to stay in the sidebar, and put all the past member stuff into one link. I think it is nice on the eye to have three boxes on the sidebar; MPS, Resources and maybe split some off under another? Franco
agree with some of above - not sure what should go into third box?

  • Need to be careful with all the chopping and changing that we don't end with pages that are not linked to or hard to find: e.g. currently Weather Link (removed as its not much good - Damian) and Good Pubs (Link at bottom of socials diary page - Damian). when the new engine is finished, I can install a lijnk counter which tells you how many limes and where from pages are linking to each other...
  • Suggested New Sidebar
  • I also think it would be a good idea to have an About This Site page linked from the sidebar which explains breifly how the wiki idea works, consoidates and tidys up some of the other pages we have linked from the bottom bar, links to all the other documentation pages we have such as how to upload photos, and explains where to get the password if we have one etc. anyone agree? (I would like to do this mysef, this bullet is mainaly a remeinder for me.. Franco)
  • I think where we have pages that are just links to other pages we should include a short descirption of what the page links to includes. and be careful of creating too mnay levels of navigation - e.g. I think slpitting weather into alps and soctland is an uncesscary level and can all be on one page.
    - Ok but i think most of the links are necessary. Damian

6th April 05

I've just set up a Pm Wiki 2.08 this week which has some nice features we don't. Might be tricky to upgrade (see, but we should think about it. I'd be happy to have a go, if I have some time, which might not be until after exams.

There's also some nice cookbook recipes which I might install after we upgrade, and I've got a nicer skin that I've adapted. Unfortunately I can't show it to you for now as it is read password protected --Franco

I did keep it up to date for a while but eventually I decided it was working sufficiently well, sure there are a few bugs but I reckon most people don't notice them. Upgrading is definitely a good idea though simply because there has been a major release. What I suggest is we pick a weekend when we can all devote some time to it and get it done then. We shouldn't try an upgrade if we haven't got enough time to check everything is ok etc. I'll take a backup before we start. Gaff.
Incidentally my main concerns were:
* The skin - its good but a little dodgy in places. I'm not 100% convicned it is compatible with pmwiki2 (or indeed anything! it is a bit hacked in places)
* We have a custom script to handle [#oldnews] on the main page.

I've learnt a lot this past week and would now be able to design a much better and flexible skin, or iron out bugs in this one. You probably wont need the old news thing anyway and pmwiki 2 contains features to do this kind of thing, plus loads of other cool stuff we can make use of. -- Franco

Well I'm sold. Pick a weekend when we're all not too busy and lets go it! --Gaff

6th April 05

The News page needs shortening down. Perhaps we could get a system for archiving. For now, if someone would like to move some stuff to Older News... --Franco

I've upgraded to the latest pmwiki version, 1.0.8. I don't really know if it makes much difference though! --Gaff

I've upgraded to pmwiki 0.6.17, this includes an improved Include: syntax for people who care.

What do people think of having a forum type thing?? It would mean that pages like the Alps Trip page were a lot easier to use and would save a lot of 'junk' type mail on the mailing list. People could simply start a new Topic instead of having a seperate page for it. James.

I've considered forums before, infact we used to have one. The problem is a forum only works well if people check it regularly, also information kind of gets 'lost' in ancient threads and you can never tell what is obsolete and what isn't. Anyway the mailing list is good for everything that a forum can do, after all a forum is a mailing list at the end of the day. --Gaff

For the more technically minded, it appears that no longer works, you have to use (NB the extra '~'). I've updated all the changes I think.

  • Still can't get full width blue on hyperlink sidebar hover. Any Ideas?

Not much point in persisting older stuff section, thats what page history is for!

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