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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

Vince, Haydn and Dean (All MPS, no NIPS present) excitedly headed off towards Kinder Scout. Vince had been heavily 'under the influence', and Haydn and Dean had been abused by a table the night before, hence we were all feeling a bit delicate! Vince had helpfully printed out a map and topographies of each pineapple in the hope of finding them all this year!

The valleys were covered in frost and black ice which didn't bode well for the top of Kinder. After a very swift, and slippery, walk up in trainers carrying nothing but a map and a camera we encountered our first pineapple of the day....

RUN ROCK. With ice on the ground adjacent to Run Rock, run-ups were limited. Haydn and Vince tried several standing start techniques to no avail. Vince proceeded to throw himself repeatedly at the wall of rock until he miraculously squirmed his way to the top. Valiant efforts from Haydn and Dean set the score at MPS 1 - NIPS 0

Having a map and some crisp, clear weather allowed us to soon find PERCY THE WHALE. Scouting out the Pineapple from all angles, we decided to attack percy from behind. A simple 'run & jump & Mantleshelf' should get us to the top. Run-ups were impossible and slippery conditions were making us nervous. After some standing jump attempts vince managed to get a one step wonder run-up to launch himself to the top. MPS 2 - NIPS 0 - IMPS 0

IGGY, ROCK MONSTER & CHARLES were sighted and a quick look at the reference sheet showed that Rock Monster would be the easiest bet. Haydn, excited by the pineapples almost fell off at the first step up having not noticed the icy covering of the Rock Monster. After some swift brushing/scraping of Ice Haydn was valiantly lungeing into the jaws of death. Reaching over the top found absolute zero friction. Haydn backed off the monster and Vince, having mastered the technique earlier, threw himself at the rock repeatedly until the monster swallowed him and he miraculously appeared (using the beached whale technique) atop the rock monster. IGGY and CHARLES were deemed in condition ice climbs and no attempts were made to climb them on the grounds of health and safety, and lack of correct equipment. MPS 3 - NIPS 0 - WEATHER 2

SCRAPE & SCOUR. By now Haydn and Dean were feeling the -3 degree chill. Vince again tried his technique of launching himself at the rock, but this time failed to summit. The rock had bitten into his hands removing the skin from his palms. MPS 3 - NIPS 0 - WEATHER 2 - ROCKS 1

WET & SLIMEY. Was neither wet nor slimey. The freezing conditions meant that the pond in which wet and slimey is situated was frozen over! This allowed for easy ascent of the Pineapple by Haydn and Vince. Vince attempted to downclimb the route but ended up looking quite worried and in an awkward situation after narrowly avoiding wet feet breaking the ice as he lowered down. An alternative was quickly found. With less ice to stand on Dean's hip was almost dislocated in a valiant ascent effort from a distance of nearly two metres. MPS 5 - NIPS 0 - WEATHER 2 - ROCKS 1

LURVE ROCK. Vince, having climbed this pineapple before, was swift to ascend. Other members of the party decided the large drop off one side was a little far long for them. Final score MPS 6 - NIPS 0 - WEATHER 2 - ROCKS 1

The descent to Upper Booth was fast, interrupted only by the discovery of a large, snow covered hole....

A good effort for a wintery day!

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