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On week long trips, the following awards are made:

'The prestigious Pineapple award'
Awarded to the person(s) who bag the most Munros in the week.

'The Rock' award'
Awarded at the President discretion, this goes to the person(s) deemed to be most hardcore.

'The Bog Roll award'
Awarded to the person(s) who bag the least Munros in the week. This is not to be laughed at, as those that win it have demonstrated a noble relaxed anti-bagging attitude.

We also keep a Munro Tally of Munros completed by club members.

Past award winners:


TripDatePineappleNo.Rock - awarded forBog RollNo.
Braemar11June 10Henry Dobson11Elliot Drake
Henry - also won a pebble, for incredible enthusiasum, but Kudo to Elliot, who despite a dodgy achilles tendon, still came walking on the bothy trip - I hope it gets better soon. Both put in sterling effort and prizes are fully deserved, well done!
Brannock, Stu, Robbie and Jeffers3
The whether was not kind to us this time, and climbers always loose out on essential bagging days!


TripDatePineappleNo.Rock - awarded forBog RollNo.
SkyeJune 10Greg Martin9Greg Martin
For lots of energy and cooking tasty food
Sean Clancy3
No excuses, well he did do quite a bit of minibus driving and climbing. Also Clach Glas deserves Munro status because it is awesome!


TripDatePineappleNo.Rock - awarded forBog RollNo.
SkyeJune 18 2011Ben Llewellyn7Chris Herbert
For persevering with the ridge on his first visit despite the bad weather
Ben Jeffreys3
Injured his knee on the first day.
Glencoe10April 2010Greg Martin11Rock: Dean Miller
Pebble: John Brannock and Annette Haines
For two Grade 2 ridge traverses, his first solo walk and a desire to have a go at climbing (and the cheek to fill this in before I had a chance to - Ben J). The Captain and Annette for making a 16 1/2 hour climb on the Ben's Tower Ridge and spending a night in the summit shelter.
Stuart Coxon2
Happy to have beaten his previous tally of 0 on a week trip.
Ullapool 0910New Year 09/10Ben Llewellyn7Rock: John Brannock
Pebbles: Greg Martin and Annette Haines
For general enthusiasm, ice climbing and some epic non-mountain activities. Greg and Annette for ice climbing on New Year's day.


TripDatePineappleNo.Rock - awarded forBog RollNo.
SkyeJune 09Ben Jeffreys12Jac Hall
For a consistent sense of adventure and leading walks on her first Skye trip
Greg Martin5
Glen CarronMarch 08Martin Perry11Greg Martin
being keen
Pete Bayliss6
Fort WilliamNew Year 08/09Ben Jeffreys16Philip Peel
Out most days, put up with Ben on a bothy trip, seconded Green Gully as one of his first winter climbs
Grahame Clark0
Not trying hard enough


TripDatePineappleNo.Rock - awarded forBog RollNo.
SkyeJune 08Vince Vanhinsbergh and Matt Whitfield9Greg Martin
For a consistent sense of adventure and no hassle on his first trip
Charlie and Matt1
TorridonMarch 08Ben Jeffreys and Philip Peel10Big Rock: Ben Jeffreys
Small Rock: Hamish Dunn
Ben for unrivaled enthusiasm and Hamish for leading the crux pitch of West Buttress on Beinn Eighe
Rob Hurford5
Fort WilliamNew Year 07/08Dave Sim, Will Payling, John Brannock, Ben Jeffreys10Matt Suddards
for doing everything - cooking, driving, walking, climbing - everyday except for one day when he was bed stricken
and others


TripDatePineappleNo.Rock - awarded forBog RollNo.
SkyeJune 2007Damian Warren and Stuart Reeves
9Steve Day and Vince Vanhinsbergh
Out every day, having a go at everything.
Lou and Bill
GlenshielMarch 2007Martin Perry
Total distance = 142km with 11,120m ascent!
Current MPS record
Martin Perry and Chris Burn
23 Munros in a week, nuff said. Generally a pretty 'core week though: also pebbles for Cat, Damo and Grahame for long days everyday and me (Chris) because I went for a run and was told I had to give myself one. He did run 16 Munros (60km 5440m ascent) in a day...!
Fabian Seymour, Steve Williams, Matt Whitfield, Will Payling
I don't think an excuse is really necessary as this is more than what the Pineapple was awarded for last time MPS went to Glen Shiel.
UllapoolNew Year 0607Simon Hu and Damian Warren
6500m ascent and 83km of walking
14Cat Kilburn
Week of walking with heel tendonitis and a blister almost too big for compead. (Rock from Sail Liath 954m)
Mark Beer
First Munro experience, also 6 Munros is just 1 less than what the pineapple was awarded for in 2003-2004!


TripDatePineappleNo.Rock - awarded forBog Roll
Skye06June 2006Ali, Dave, Andy
7Chris Burn
For leading a group up onto the Cullin (including the In Pin) on his first Cullin ridge experience the day after competing in LAMM. Then leading another group up the In Pin again later in the week
Damo, Franco and Nick
0 Munros, used LAMM as an excuse!!
GlenAffric06March 2006Fabian Seymour
9 of which were done with full camping gear. The total distance covered was 110km! and the total ascent was 7.5km!!
13Matthew Whitfield, Gerard Tennant & Fabian Seymour
Matt for battling through the ascents and re-assents of the first day of his first trip and then continuing the week with the same spirit. Gerard for swimming across River Affric first. Fabian for initiating extreme camping and bagging the most Munros in a very wet week
Gerard Tennant
6 Munros
Newtonmore06New Year 0506Franco Casson
Walking 150km, 3 days on a bothy trip, 7000m ascent
18Franco Casson & Chris Burn
Franco for bagging 18 Munros, walking 150km, 2 nights out in a bothy, 7000m ascent and Chris for bagging the 3rd, 4th and 5th highest Munros in a day with a 20kg rucksac, ascending a steep face to bag the 6th highest spending 500meters kicking steps and expert use of the ice axe
Lou Atkin
Despite being unwell she valiently attacked the Munro's whenever feeling perky, but alas only managed to bag three


TripDatePineappleNo.Rock - awarded forBog Roll
Skye05June 05Al Hampshire, James Richards, David Chetta & Adam Thorpe
For completing all 11 Munros in the Black Cullin
11Al Hampshire
for completing the entire Cullin Ridge and climbing the In Pin? solo after having a rock smash him on the arm
Jo Miller
Despite an awesome circumnavigation of the entire Cullin, only managed one Munro
Braemar05Easter 05Francis Casson, Fabian Seymour & Steve Williams
The week trip was curtailed to 3 days
11Matt Hilton & Al Hampshire
for running 4 Munros with hangovers, in virtually zero visibility, using only the compass for about 5 km
James Richards & Paul Gardner
For ONLY doing 7 Munros (5 carrying climbing and camping gear), a wildcamp at 700m, a 250 multi-pitch climb and a hill run (in Paul's case) in 3 days - sorry chaps, I really did feel awful having to award you the bog roll! Fabian
Torridon04New Year 05Damian Warren & Grahame Clarke6Paul Gardner
Cool and relaxed after a 13 and a half mile hill-run
Tom Hall
Who unfortantely aggravated a recuring injury performing the 'Safeway Traverse' early in the week


TripDatePineappleNo.Rock - awarded forBog Roll
Skye04June 04Chris Drew, Damian Warren & Francis Casson7Damian Warren
Scrambling what is not meant to be scrambled
Nick Stevens
CairngormsEaster 04Damian Warren & Francis Casson10Francis Casson
Most nights in bothys
Chris Drew & Vicky Bristow
UllapoolNew Year 04Jonny Reily, Francis Casson & Ed Wakeford, and... (Damian please fill in)7Damian Warren & Nick Stevens
Bothy Trip
Nick Stevens


TripDatePineappleNo.Rock - awarded forBog Roll
SkyeSummer 03Chris Drew & Dave Hilton11Chris Drew & Dave Hilton
Their epic traverse of a very wet Cullin Ridge in 40 hours
(Bryony's Boyfriend)
GlensheilEaster 03Francis Casson15Mike Hammock
Going on a 12 mile run on his 'day off' & sleeping under the stars
Al Mackay

Anyone who can remember any further back, please don't hesitate to add details.

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