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Peru Peak Wish List

  • Need to label peaks in terms of geographical location and height and difficulty and and remoteness and feasibility for us.
    • A priority list would be good.
    • I have looked at maps and guide book and have a rough idea of whats what in terms of easy peaks, lots of F and PD we can get to grips with before going above 6000m. They are also in similar areas so might be able to do two or 3 on a trip if we get public transport and our tents don't get stolen. (Damo).

Have a look on Google earth and use the tilt feature with ''terrain' on to see the relief. Awesome.

Altitude + Grade
Top 5
Top 5
Top 5
PastoruriS RidgePastoruri5240mF1  
HuicsaNE RidgePastoruri5476mF1   
Alpamayo 2Ferrari (Normal) Route
- Looks awesome
25km NE of Caraz5,947mAD+5+   
QuitarajuWest Ridge 6,040mAD51  
ChopicalquiSouthwest Ridge 6,354mPD+/AD-??2  
Huandoy OesteNortheast Ridge16km East of Caraz6356mAD-5   
Huandoy NorthEast Faceditto6395mD8   
Huandoy SouthNortheast Faceditto6160mTD9   
Pisco OesteSouthwest Slopes 5752mPD24  
YanapacchaWest Face 5460mPD+23  
ChopicalquiSouthwest Ridge16,354mPD+/AD-4   
Huascarán Norte 1 14km East of Yungay6,664mPD+/AD-5  1
Huascarán Sur 1 ditto6,768mPD+/AD-5  1
Urus EsteSoutheast Slopes to East Ridge 5420mPD-2-5  
IshincaNorthwest Slopes 5530mPD-2-   
VallunarajuNorth Ridge 5686mAD-3   
ChincheyWest Face to North Ridge20km NE of Huaraz6222mPD+/AD-4   
MaparajuSouthwest and West Slopes 5326mF1   
San JuanNorthwest Ridge 5843mAD+6   
ShaqshaWest Face 5703mAD5   
NevWest Face 5703mAD5   

1Can the Huascarán pair be done in the same expedition? - both routes go to same high camp (camp 2)

  • Checked: Above 6500m BMC Expedition insurance is usually required, but not for Huascarán. Franco

2In 1966, the Alpamayo mountain was declared "the most beautiful mountain in the world" by UNESCO

  • Really interesting info on the two peaks.
    • It says the flights cost max £800, I want to know where he books them. Also, Alpamayo sounds a bit harder than I thought it would be! Interesting to see what he wears as well. - Chris
    • I'm scared of 70 degree ice. Franco

Chris' Notes

  • Have chosen my top 5 only from my book, haven't looked at any further afield.
  • Would like to do Alpamayo but think it is unrealistic.
  • Huascarán doesn't appeal that much: Hard work, bit of a plod and dangerous - seracs.
  • There are plenty of others that I'd like to do.

What is different about these? Area?

- Not in the Jonson guide book (Damo).

  • Hualcan (6122 m)
  • Chacraraju (6112m)
  • Pucahirca (6046m)
  • Nevado Pisco (5752m)

So 18 Peaks then - that's one every 2 and a half days...fairly ambitious. And TD's and D's? As much as I'd like to do them, lets not go thinking about them too much until we get there. - Chris (not Franco this time), Wish being the key word! Damo

  • We'll start at difficulty 1 and see how we go; potentially up to 5 if all goes really well. Franco
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