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Peru 2007

Flights, Walks, and Runs

Monday 16th July 2007

  • Damo and Chris arrive in Lima without 1 of Damo´s suitcases. Meet Franco at the airport with a taxi driver wo had waited 3 hours for Damo and Chris!

Tuesday 17th July 2007

  • Jim arrives in Lima without any bags. Jim, Damo, Chris and Franco get a Cruz del Sur bus to Huraz.
  • Lots of really good films on bus and a lunch! Bingo on the bus as well but not so much fun.
  • Arrive Huaraz at 5pm where Al meet us. Stay in Hostel with Al and his mate Mark from New York.

Wednesday 18th July 2007

  • Jim have big breakfast or actually have cake and eat it!
  • Wander round Huaraz and buy pans, fuel and kitty.

Thursday 19th July 2007

  • Jims bags arrive
  • Walk up to lake (4470m). Damo can't swallow it.
  • All have heads which feel like someone is hitting a nail into it, except Franco.
  • Work out where not to eat.

Friday 20th July 2007

  • Damo´s bag arrives, having been round most of Peru.
  • Shop for exped, buy park passes and look at other hostels.
  • Franco teach us Perudo.
  • Eat take away in restaurant.

Saturday 21st July 2007

  • Get a lift to 4225m then bimble up Cerro Japrujirca (4622m).
  • Return and get a lift in a collectivo (small mini bus), work out that no matter how full a collectivo is its in fact never full.
  • Huraz festival starts.
  • Damo finds skype is not so great for talking dirty
  • Meet Franco´s friends, Sam and Rachel for food.

Sunday 22nd July 2007

  • Jim and Chris ill.
  • Damo, Franco, Sam and Rachel get a taxi up to Punto Olympica where there are good views of Huarscaran and Chopicalqui. 5 hours on a very bumpy track

Monday 23rd July 2007

  • Walk in to Ishinca valley (Damo, Franco, Sam and Rachel), Jim and Chris recover in hostel.
  • Lots of rain on walk in, down gear is very nice and warm.

Tuesday 24th July 2007

  • Damo and Franco wander up Ishinca (5500m PD-) very slow and ploddy 10 hours total.
  • Eat and sleep.

Wednesday 25th July 2007

  • Damo vomits a little bit on Chris´s tent, Franco cleans it off.
  • Return to Huaraz and have meal with everyone: Jim, Chris, Franco, Damo, Sam, Rachel, Al and Mark. Very good.
  • Al, Mark and Franco go to extreme bar for beers.

Thursday 26th July 2007

  • Make a plan for a 7 day exped.
  • Shop and eat.

Yanapaccha and Pisco

Friday 27th July 2007

  • Collectivo driver tied our 4 exped packs onto the roof of the bus with a piece of string, drove for 1 hr and some how the bags remained on the roof!
  • Donkeys to the wrong location, rain and eat pasta under a big rock.

Saturday 28th July 2007

  • Struggle up 400m with big packs to a pretty lock, good views of Yanapaccha.
  • Meet guided group complete with porters, cooks and clients. 1 american girl, 2 english.

Sunday 29th July 2007

  • Up 0330 and bimble up Yanapaccha 5460m. Steepish with lots of wind and cloud about.
  • Mixed with the guided group, "Say Alex said we want to do the Shotski"...

Monday 30th July 2007

  • Walk back to 1st campsite,say hi to cows, donkeys up to Pisco base camp.

Tuesday 31st July 2007

  • Meal in Refugio Peru
  • The highest flushing toilet in the world?
  • Lots of games of chess.

Wednesday 1st August 2007

  • Up 0230, moraine, boulder fields, moraine camp, col, long plod and then the best views ever (see coming photos).
  • I.e. summit Pisco (5700m PD-).
  • Silly Sandhurst Situps

Thursday 2nd August 2007

  • Return to Huaraz, eat T-Rex burritos.
  • No Chilli Heaven so steak it up.
  • No Shotski, whatever that may be.

Friday 3rd August 2007

  • Hot baths or rather pools of brown water...

Saturday 4th August 2007

  • Shop and eat.

A 6000m mountian or a just a big pile?

Sunday 5th August 2007

  • Shop and eat and pack for Ishinca base camp.

Monday 6th August 2007

  • Walk in to Ishinca base camp.
  • Horses look unamused at having to carry our bags.
  • This time good weather and all 4 of us walk in.
  • Yummy pasta, sausage and soya for dinner.

Tuesday 7th August 2007

  • Jim return Huaraz, Chris Damo and Franco stuggle up 700m to Tocllaraju snow camp.
  • Find out it takes ages to melt snow, MSR stoves are not reliable and a 2 man tent is not suitable for 3 people.

Wednesday 8th August 2007

  • Up at 0130, plodding by 0230, up a well warn track. Keep together with 2 Norweigians to final summit pyramid.
  • Chris lead over ´´´big step´´´ and up to summit of Tocllaraju. Collapse on summit (6032m).
  • Abseil off and return to tent and then to base camp, long day.
  • Lots of space for 2 in an MSR tent, more sleep than previous night.

Thursday 9th August 2007

  • Jim in Chaven
  • Damo, Chris and Franco return Huaraz and meet Jonny in Cafe Andino.
  • Jim´s last night, eat Thai without him!
  • Find out what shotski is, its a ski with shots!
  • Lash on...

Friday 10th August 2007

  • Jim, Chris, Jonny, Tom and Dan go mountain biking with Julio.
  • Damo and Franco relax.

3 presidents, 2 meets secs, and 2 treasurers (one double)

Saturday 11th August 2007

  • Shop, eat and film festival.
  • 75 minute caving film in Italian with spanish subtitles, excellent.

Sunday 12th August 2007

  • Last minute packing, 1.5hr taxi and camp = lazy mountaineering.
  • Lots of chess (thanks to Jonny´s Corus chess set), some ice falls and midges.

Monday 13th August 2007

  • Damo do wrong photocopies so head off in wrong direction for peak.
  • Get to a good campsite on the other side of Vallunaraju, fine just means doing a PD- rather than AD route.
  • More chess, and objectively high washing up.

Tuesday 14th August 2007

  • Late start (0530) bag peak, which we had to ourselves, amazing views, as good as Pisco??
  • Return to campsite, return to road, return to Huaraz, return to Pollo a la Rosti, return to bed.
  • Flat tyre, not flat tyre, why change?

Wednesday 15th August 2007

Thursday 16th August 2007

  • Eat, buy exped food.
  • Go to Caraz, stay in Hotel Chaven and eat steak and pizza. Good cake.

Friday 17th August 2007

  • Franco, Chris and Jonny leave for mountains at 6am. Plan to do 24km walk in with donkeys...
  • Damo return Huaraz.

Friday 17th August - Wednesday 22th August

  • Damo goes home to do press ups
  • Jonny Chris and Franco do long walk to Alpamayo base camp
  • Jonny and Chris go up to col camp in a long day, Franco ill doesn't
  • Too tired and ill to summit Quitaraju, they come back down but get some good photos of Alpamayo
  • All go back to Huaraz

To finish

  • Franco and Chris don't update the website much now that Damo has left
  • Bimble round Cordillera Blanca a bit more. Too tired for more climbing
  • Go Surfing in Huancahaco, explore Lima for a day
  • Go Home and enjoy proper tea
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