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MPS Goes to Peru

This page was used in early 2007 for planning an informal (i.e. not official) MPS trip to Peru. It has been left here in case anyone else planning a similar trip might find it useful. If you find this resource useful, please sign the Guestbook

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  • Kit List


WhoFly out
(time, flight no, aiport and airline)
(time, flight no, airport, and airline)
Baggage AllowanceComments
Franco7th April 07 08:55 Gatwick to Quito, Delta31 August 07 00:25, DL274, [LIM] Lima To Gatwick, Delta45kgReturn means arriving at the airport on evening of 30th Aug. Try and get seats next to mine...
Chris B16 July 07 11:002, DL59, London [LGW], England, Terminal N, Delta31 August 07 00:25, DL274, Lima [LIM], Peru, Deltahere =45kg hold + 18kg hand =63kg - Awesome!1lots of money
Damian16 July 2007 11:00, DL59, London [LGW], England, Terminal N, Delta31 August 2007 00:25, DL274, Lima [LIM], Peru, Deltaherelots of money
Al H27th June28th July  
Jim-Bo17th July11th August  
Jonny Riley27 July 4am24 August 6am  

1 but that doesn't mean I want to carry all Franco's climbing equipment all over Peru until we find him.....

  • What if he meets you at the airport in Lima?

2What time do you guys arrive? Is it on 16th or 17th?

at 22:45 on the 16th, probably not a good time! Do you think you'll (Franco) be there already and be able to book us accomodation?
Should be able to meet you. Accom we can probably sort out nearer the time; I'm sure I can book it for you if necessary. There are loads of hostels in Lima. Before that we need to think about the Itinary more carefully!


  • The complete kit list
  • Concerns over: need for plastic boots, thermal gaiters, type of stoves, tents, snow stakes.
  • Franco to borrow DMM raptors off Chris
  • Franco listed what he is taking and what he is sending
  • Lonely planet says there's sport climbing in Huaraz so may take quickdraws if there's space.


  • Peru Peaks
  • Inca trail for one week on first arrival? Franco has someone else who this may fit with. Would prob need booking soon. Could plan it to help acclimatisation.
    • I think you have to book inca trail with a tour guide and pay loads to do it because it is a big tourist thing, so best to acclimatise else where.
      • You are right you do have to do it with a guide and book well in advance but it is one of 'the things' do do in Peru, but very touristy. Granted I wouldn't want to spend more than a week on it but maybe that. Chris?
    • Summary: Only Franco wants to see Machu Piccu so he will do that before Chris and Damian arrive. When they arrive all will go straight to the Cord Blanca to climb mountains. This gives the highest chance of getting good weather. Towards the end of the trip it is likely that we will be tired of mountains and will do some travelling.
  • Have to sort out in country transport from Lima to Cordilia Blanca when we are there I guess, but shouldn't be too much of a problem.

ok, initial idea then:

  • Franco arrives in Lima on or before the 16th, books a hostel for 3.
  • Land in Lima, spend night there.
  • Get bus to Huaraz next day (or posssibly after a couple of days).
  • Acclimatise in Huaraz for 4/5 days. Sort out food, fuel, somewhere to leave bags etc. in that time. Maybe find somewhere to go climbing/walking in that time. - need to acclimatise by gradually climbing up higher
  • Spend 4/5 weeks in Cord Blanca climbing mountains, going back to Huaraz as and when we need to.
  • Peak wish list
  • Leave a week or so to see somewhere else in Peru. Where?
  • Few days in Lima to see it properly. - But only if Franco thinks it is worth seeing.
  • Go home.
    so are you two happy with this?
    I'm happy as long as you are Chris - you were the one that wanted to see other areas I have other chances to do this anyway. - did you have any bits in mind? I just though we might might better use of time by doing some of the acclimatising somewhere else. Basically we should be fairly flexible because I will get a better idea of stuff when I am there. It was only the inca trail that needed booking, but no problem if you don't want to do it. Franco
    I see what you mean, I'll have a look at other places - Chris


  • Enquire with BMC as to cover needed.
    • I may get snowcard - it looks a lot cheaper. I can't afford BMC exped insurance annual (£700+ with option 2, double the alpine) (I would need this for Huscaran). I still have some enquires to make, but I may have to rule out Huscaran for insurance reasons if it will save a lot Franco.
    • I will await what you say what the BMC has said Franco, but I should think i'll go for the Alpine and Ski (damo).
      • Spoke with Ray at the BMC and he said Alpine is fine for us; including Huascarán.
      • Excellent I am going to go with BMC alpine and ski. - Damo and Chris


  • Next of kin details to circulate to our parents
  • Other things to find out
    • Gear shops in Huraz
    • other general info hopefully in climbing guide
  • You need a Machine readable passport to travel through the USA.
  • ATM locators
  • Franco has taken some AmEx travellers cheques as well.
  • Franco has got an international drivers license in case we want to hire a car. You can get one by going to a main post office with your driving license, passport, spare passport photo, and £5.50.


  • Guidebook - need to order at least one
    • Looked at Yuraq Janka - Cordilleras Blanca and Rosko, Peru in Stanfords but rather dated (1977)
    • Also looked at a book The Andes with some good info on Huraz and general planning etc but wasn't going to buy it with only one chapter on Blanca. but thinking now that we probably need all the info that we can get, given that we can't find Sharman - I have got the book (damo). It recommended the two other books below:
    • Climbs of the Cordillera Blanca of Peru, by David M. Sharman, Whizzo climbs, 1995 - I have ordered a copy but they in fact don't have the book so I have canceled order. (Damo)
      • I found it in a Lima bookshop and bought but it oyu want to read it before coming you could do what I did and order it through inter library loans. Preview Franco
    • Brad Johnson - Classic climbs of Cordillera Blanca - Chris has this, probably not that handy to carry around once we get there.
    • Lonely Planet trekking guidebooks look good for local information and the routes to the mountains.
    • "The Andes, A Guide for Climbers, by John Biggar", read somewhere it might be good - Chris
      • Damo has this book.
  • Maps
    • Franco bought two 1:100,000 Austrian Alpine Club from Standfords - Damo now has them Nord and Sud Cordillera Blanca, plus one of Cordillera Huayhyash from Stanfords and will pass onto to damo at end of March = £40
    • Franco also bought 4 1:100,000 miltary topographic maps which cover the area from the South American Explorers club in Lima
    • Franco also bought a tourist map of the Cordillera Blanca
    • Goodish maps of Huraz and area.

Buy some of these:
Etc with Google!


  • Jabs - go to Travel Nurse with at least 3 months to spare. Will definietly need to have the following up to date:
    • Hep A
    • Yellow fever (vac certificate required in certain cases to enter country, but not for us)
    • Tetunus + Diptheria
    • Typhoid
  • Malaria - we will be in low risk areas (see map) so probably don't need any anti malarials
    • But might be an idea to carry general antibiotics anyway?

Acute Mountain Sickness

  • Diamox - not a cure, speeds acclimatisation but needs responsible use.
    • Will Doctors prescribe any? Probably yes but have to see doctor, and only pay perscription cost.
    • Is Damos'stock enough? 125mg usual adult daily dosage start a couple of days before acclimatising
    • Franco got some from his doctor. Chris isn't keen but will look into it.

More Links Foreign Office travel Advice - read this!

Old Discussion

Peru / Argentina - a few 6000m peaks, Aconcagua + others maybe.
I didn't think Aconcagua was in Peru? - Chris
Aconcagua most certainly is not in Peru!!!- Adam
And we're not planning on doing it, right? - Franco

I recommend Urus, Inshinca and Pisco in Peru. All in the viscinity of Huaraz which has EL TAMBO- possibly the greatest club in all of South America!- Adam

Yes there are a lot of interesting mountains, less well trodden and more interesting perhaps than Acongagua! Franco

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