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Next Meet

"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

Next Social

AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Ice Climb

Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

2011-2012 Committee

President: Ben Llewellyn

Vice President: Greg Martin
Treasurer: Anne-Kathrin Kotte

Meets Sec: Robby Pineda

Mountain Officer: Jonny Midgley

Social Sec: Chris "I don't have the keys" Herbert

2010-2011 Committee

President: Ben Jeffreys

Vice President: Ben Llewellyn
Treasurer: Greg Martin

Meets Sec: John 'the Captain' Brannock

Mountain Officer: Jonny Midgley

Social Sec: Rob Chuter

2009-2010 Committee

President: Phil Peel

Vice President: Ben Jeffreys
Treasurer: Hannah Prydderch

Meets Sec: Ben Llewellyn

Mountain Officer: John Brannock

Social Sec: Hamish Matthews

2008-2009 Committee

President: Vince Vanhinsbergh

Vice President: Chris Burn
Treasurer: Ben Jeffreys

Meets Sec: Phil Peel

Mountain Officer: Hamish Dunn

Social Sec: Chris Ogden

2007-2008 Committee

President: Chris Burn
Vice President: Gerard Tennant
Treasurer: Michael Swinn
Meets Sec: Louise Atkin
Mountain Officer: Vince Vanhinsbergh
Social Sec: Cat Kilburn

2006-2007 Committee

President: Damian Warren
Vice President: Steve Williams
Treasurer: Chris Burn
Meets Sec: Hannah Cookson
Mountain Officer: Adam Thorpe
Gear Sec: Martin Perry'''
Social Sec: Louise Atkin 

2005-2006 Committee

President: Nick Stevens
Vice President: Fabian (Snoring) Seymour
Treasurer: Vicky Bristow
Meets Sec: Damian Warren

Tel: 07837618183
Mountain Officer: Grahame Clark
Gear Sec: Dave Robinson
Social Sec: James Moran

2004-2005 Committee

President: Ed Wakeford
aka: 'Erectile Dysfunction'
Vice President: Matt Suddards
Treasurer: Francis Casson
Meets Sec: James Richards
aka: 'The Muppet'
Mountain Officer: Grahame Clark
aka: 'Thunderpants'
Gear Sec: Nick Stevens
aka: 'Love, powerhour, weak bladder, clothes-rack, handmaids knee'
Social Sec: Vicky Bristow

2003-2004 Committee

President: Matt Hilton
Vice President: Chris Drew
Treasurer: Francis Casson
Meets Sec: Ed Wakeford
Mountain Officer: Jo Ingold
Social Sec: Matt Suddards

2002-2003 Committee

President: Jonny Riley
Vice President: Phil Cowling
Treasurer: Matt Hilton
Meets Sec: Mark Jopling
Mountain Officer: Dave Hilton
Social Sec: Jo Ingold

2001-2002 Committee

President: Richard Boyle
Vice-President: Jon Crabtree
Treasurer: Adele Horobin
Meet Sec: Jonny Riley
Mountain Officer: Chris Drew
Social Secretary: Mat Rose

Can anyone who remembers earlier committees be bothered to put something in about them? It would be good to build up a record!

2000-2001 Committee

President: Adam Scott
Vice-President: Rich Boyle
Treasurer: Jonathan Crabtree
Meet Sec: Mat Rose
Mountain Officer: Alex Warner
Social Secretary: James Goderey

1999-2000 Committee

President: Iain Brown
Vice-President: Hugh Watson
Treasurer: Adam Scott
Meet Sec: Karen Frake
Mountain Officer: Jack Venner
Publicity/Social Secretary: Emma Van Der Gucht

1998-1999 Committee

President: Emma Van Der Gucht
Vice-President: Iain Brown
Treasurer: Karen Frake
Meet Sec:
Mountain Officer: Glen Harding
Publicity Secretary: Tim Hill

1997-1998 Committee

President: Fiona Dahl
Vice-President: Paul Roberts
Treasurer: Doug Spencer
Meet Sec: Tim Hill
Mountain Officer: Alleyn Plowright
Publicity Secretary: Tony Southall

1996-1997 Committee

President: Bruce Cuthbertson
Vice-President: Lindsay Ayton
Treasurer: Richard Hargreaves
Meet Sec: Fiona Dahl
Mountain Officer: Chris Mascall
Social Secretary: Paul Roberts

1995-1996 Committee

President: Andrew Hargraves
Treasurer: Bruce Cuthbertson
Meet Sec:
Mountain Officer:
Social Secretary: Sarah Young

1994-1995 Committee - Athletics Union 'Club of the year'

President: Brad Eccles
Vice-President: Antony Graham
Treasurer: Andrew Hargraves
Admin Sec: Elaine Smith
Mountain Officer: Matt Perry
Publicity Secretary: Sarah Young

1993-1994 Committee

President: Martin Bamford
Vice-President: Matt Perry
Treasurer: Mark Yates then Andrew Hargreaves
Admin Sec: Heather Staple
Mountain Officer: Steve Carter(the unstoppable bagging machine)
Publicity: Paul Filby

1992-1993 Committee

President: Rupert Weare
Vice-President: Richard Edwards
Treasurer: Martin Bamford
Admin Secretary: Jane Willdig
Mountain Officer: Martyn Wakeman
Publicity Secretary: Jane Allen

1991-1992 Committee

Treasurer: Claire Dunlop
Meet Sec:
Mountain Officer:
Social Secretary:

1990-1991 Committee

President: Chris Smartt
Vice-President: Rupert Weare
Treasurer: Andy Sheppard
Admin Sec: Steve Bashford
Mountain Officer: Simon Waddicor
Equipment: Melinda Walker

1990 Founding Interim Committee

Simon Waddicor (President)
Chris Smartt (Vice President)
Martin Spiers (Admin)
Melinda Walker (Equipment)
Steve Bashford (Treasurer)
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