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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

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Lochearnhead 2010

We left Notts on Friday and had an efficient drive up to Scotland, with the exception of Mr.President taking ages to barter with the service station owner for a cheaper price on a packet of crisps (which I must add worked, I saved 2p!! - Ben J).

We got out on the hill in good time on saturday; the group of Ben J, Chris, Daniel and Elliott went up Meall Ghaordaidh, and the larger group of Ben L, Dean, Greg, Johnny and Robbie tackled the Ben Lawers 7. I was on the Ben Lawers walk, we saw a beautiful cloud inversion sweep over Ben Lawers, which we later got caught in as we ascended Ben Lawers and were in the cloud inversion for the rest of the day- typical scotland! Rendevous was in the pub accompanied by a well earned glass of Stout. Back at the hut we ate generous helpings of Ben L's very good bolognese (though the President said it was not as good as Ben L's mum's version) and dipped into Robbie's communal bottle of whiskey. Saturday evening entertainment was hosted by Scotlands finest Wee Joe, spinning a few tunes in a very 'local' pub - I thought it was a family gathering when we first arrived.

2 groups went out again, I went and climbed Ben Vorlich (Loch Earn) and Stuc a' Chorin with Chris, we had a pretty good laugh and moved quite quickly. Everyone else drove on to stroll up the Land Rover track that is Ben Chonzie in a persistently strong headwind in a bit of cloud. Everyone was back at the hut by 2.30 and we left at 3pm - some epic driving from Jonny saw us to Lancaster by Tea time for a Pizza, and a good stint by Chris got us home by 10pm. Kudos to Ben J for leaving Dean behind at Stores on the first attempt to drop people off.

Cheers to a very successful weekend chaps!!

Meet report 8-10 October 2010

Here describes a report of the Lochearnhead meet with MPS as seen through the eyes of Chris Herbert:


After an initial delay generally caused by unequipped members of the club and El Presidenté’s faffing talk about stopping to get some cheap vino we were prepared to set off. In order to navigate this route Brannock (Who was unavailable to make the trip due to a software clash but in a hero like turn had picked up the mini-bus, which was a Vauxhall Movano 2.8L TDI in a colour that can only be described as a gay-sky blue) had been issued a map. This map was left at his house and for the description in this report was then hand drawn onto the back of a piece of paper for an internet order referring to a questionable leisure item purchase receipt, a map drawing which did resemble very much the image on the other side of the paper.

With this we set off, only to stop a few hundred meters down the road to set Sally sat nav as there was no map book to hand. We entered the destination Lochearnhead and began our drive, choosing to take the M1 as the M6 was declared as being for girls on a Friday evening. An expected arrival time of 00:30 was displayed on the heads up display. We continued along this route for a few hours until Brannock then e-mailed us with the post-code of the camp site, which when entered into sally then gave an arrival time of 22:30. During this SAT-Nav excitement it was decided to teach the members of the club chat up lines in several languages to best help our chances of survival if we were to come across any of the opposite sex while on the trip (note the “TEAM” now consisted of 9 Alpha males). In order to carry out these teachings Sally-Sat-Nav had her language changed to English, Slovakian, Sweedish and possibly Dutch........meaning many of the club can now say “Left”, “Round about” and “Beware” in the languages stated.

After some faffing at a petrol station, chip shop and motorway service station we arrived at around 23:00 at base camp: A disused railway station now camp site, were we stayed in the MASTER shed.


Walks were split into 2 groups, Greg has already described his teams epic 7 Munro bagging experience so please read below for Beta teams report:

This group consisted of myself, Jeffries and two new members Elliot and Dan. We planned to introduce them gently into the club by bagging one munro and then seeing were that would take us. So after dropping Alpha-Team off at a James bond baddie base drop off point, Beta-Team drove around checking out the local scenery and trying to find a parking space. After 20 minutes of this hunt we returned to where we initially thought would be a suitable space and began walking after a little faff. Weather was good, good sun to cloud ratio with an inversion seen from the top of said trig-point. On the route up we came across a man with his dog (quite literally!), who though much celebrating said we were the first humans he had seen all day (possibly week), we exchanged photos and he told us the view at the top was excellent. So we pushed on up, stopping momentarily for a token 10:30 tea break before hitting the summit. Here we saw a wave of cloud heading towards us, luckily however it was moving very slowly which gave us lots of

time for photos, trig climbing and possibly another tea break. Then the cloud began to hit so just like Ross Kemp in his hit TV show “Ross Kemp on gangs” we got the hell out of there. On our descent and in keeping with the Ross Kemp analogy we came across an army of enemy ramblers, luckily we spotted then about a mile off..but there were literally thousands of them (or 53, which is 2 more than on the Ramsoc trip at the same time). As we passed them they informed us they were planning on having a party at the top, so we ran as fast as we could down back to the bus.

When back at the bus we decided to take a magical mystery tour into a nearby town. Here we took in the sights and sounds, wandered across a motorbike haven and then angered some people by standing in all their photos. After visiting a water wheel we then headed to the pub to pick up Alpha-Team. Here we found that in fact there were two pubs along the stretch of pick up point. As such we decided to hold our ground and hope they would find us, something that successfully took place. After a swift half (forcing Jeffries to buy a FULL beer after he enquired to the cost of every drink the publican had) we returned to base camp and feasted on some Llewellyn made spag-bol, which got a double thumbs up from everyone.

Once cleaned up everyone then root marched the streets, narrowly avoiding an encounter with the police (they were parked at the end of the road) and hit the local pub. This turned out to be no ordinary pub, some a gang land rich, emo-friendly crack den...which also had a fine selection of whiskeys. After some initial laughter at our appearance from some fat, pasty looking, chain smoking emo witches we were generally accepted and allowed to sit in the corner, as long as we didn’t talk too loudly over “wee john” the disco fiend. Wee John may require more description here, despite his name he was not a small man, his chosen drink could well have been Becardi and coke and hung out with a possible albino disco Stu. Initially fat boy John was playing the download chart (all be it several hours before it was released which probably means it was last week’s/year’s chart and the idea of instant updates may not have reached him). After he had run out of chart music to play WJ started with his own free-style mixing techniques much to the amusement of new recruit and professional DJ Robbie...who also very much liked his whiskey!

After this we returned to base camp and prepared for the next day.


Awaking we split again into two groups, this time Greg and I joined up and left the others to fend for themselves. We then went on a double bag walk as described in Greggs report and hitting a Munro at 10:10.10 on 10/10/2010.

After finishing the walk we returned to the station and headed south towards Nottingham. Having an initial stop 15 miles down the road to sort out a flat tyre, then again 200 miles down the road until finally stopping in Lancaster to pick up some top quality pizzas before heading back to arrive at 22:15 (5 minutes before Ramsoc got back from Snowdonia and 44 people lighter).

In conclusion the weekend itself was a success with 0 casualties and 0 fatalities. The weather was tip top, even if Alpha group did get a little cloud damp the first day and mini-bus issues were limited to dodgy tyres but full working engine and breaks. Ben J’s faffing was to an expectable level, Llewellyn’s cooking to a superior standard and

Brannock’s death wish minimised with fun days had on the hills by all I’m sure with everyone bagging at least 2 Munros.

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