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This Knoydart Bothies master page is mainly here so they can all be printed together. If adding Bothies to this section please follow the format of including separate pages. Perhaps one day we will decide on the best format and all bothies will be organised according to it.

It looks like all the Knoydart Bothies are standard Stone Bothies, maintained my MBA with door and roof. All perfectly acceptable to stay in with no unfortunate surprises as with Fords Of Avon Refuge (size)or Davys Bouragh (height).

The information below is taken from google research prior to a trip, except for A' Chuil bothy which is an eyewitness account.

Pean Bothy: NM 935903

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Standard basic medium sized bothy with fireplace, door roof etc.


The bothy was bare inside. It had a stone floor, fireplace, two windows, a front door and that was all.


A' Chuil Bothy NM 943923
(someone please replace with less blurred one)

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Bagged by Jim, Grahame, Ed and Franco: 4-5 Jan 08.

Unlike most bothies is amongst the trees. Large well maintained bothy with two rooms, both with fireplaces and sleeping platforms. Well stocked probably due to distance from the roadhead (which is a remote scenic drive). Well worth carrying coal in.

As for our trip, we had a nice atmospheric walk in with snow falling and clinging to the scots pines. The fire and port made for a good evening but unfortunately by the next morning the snow had turned to rain. We started late and our walk to the Sgurr na Ciche took longer than expected. Some unexpected proper winter conditions began above 500m and things became exciting - a deep snowy gully followed by a snowy scramble and a windy summit. On the the summit there were brief breaks in the cloud revealing glimpses of dramatic Knoydart views below. Despite our lateness we persisted with the route, stumbling through deep soft snow and wind to bag Garbh Chioch Mhor and Sgurr nan Coireachan. All of the descent was done in darkness which led to some negotiations with the very full streams. We made it back tired but pleased with our day's adventure. This time the fire and port were appreciated all the more.

Kinbreak Bothy NN 001961

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A summary of web sites 2007:

Looks typical largish bothy, basic, but with roof windows and door and fireplace.

Corryhully Bothy NM 912844

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From 2002

It is only 3 miles along a metalled private road from the viaduct to Corryhully Bothy ([NM913844]). I arrived around 2pm, set up my tent, and then sat outside in the sun reading books for the afternoon. The bothy could be regarded as luxury: electricity, which even stretched to a kettle and a toaster (not that I had any bread).

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