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Next Meet

"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

Next Social

AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Ice Climb

Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

Peru kit list


  • Tents
    • Quasar Chris
      • Are you sure we don't want Damo's lighter one..? And will we need to change the arrangements if Jimbo is coming?
      • Yeah we will need to sort things out with Jim. Will do this after exams + ramsoc marathon. Damian.
    • Voyager Franco
      • So you definitely think this is better than taking two quasars? You will have to share the quasar at base camp - Franco
      A quasar is a bit big for one person and a lot of weight. We'd be sharing tents anyway? I could sleep outside in my bothy bag if I don't like sleeping with Damo. - Chris
    • Tent repair kit ?
  • Stoves
    • Omni fuel Chris - his is newer than Damo's, possibly more reliable
    • MSR Franco - now had a full service - which I recommend doing for the omnifuel
      • MSR repair kit - Franco has ordered some MSR spares from Needle Sports which is awesome.
    • 2 x large cooking pots (buy them there)
    • Wash kit, lighter, flint and steel. Franco has all these with his stove. But bring a lighter and wash kit anyway!!
    • Fuel:
      • How much? Probably need at least 3 litres if planning on staying in a valley for 2 or more peaks (considering we'll be melting snow when high up)? I can bring 1 1l bottle and 1 600ml bottle. Damo the same?
      • Sounds like white gas is easy to get hold of.
  • Group
    • First aid kit - from our own stuff ?
      • Include more serious stuff and meds than on a normal trip. See Francos Peru Gear In Peru 07 for details.
      • Franco has mini expedition first aid manual. But we should be hot on our first aid, v easy to forget it in a crisis.
    • Crampon repair kit (spare bar, spare straps, bolts, cable ties, gaffa tape) - Franco has
      • My crampons don't have a bar so I don't have a spare to bring. Can do the rest though Chris
      • I have a spare bar from old MPS crampons Franco
    • Guide Book - All
      • Lonely Planet Peru - Franco
      • Brad Johnson - Chris
      • South America on a shoestring, Lonely Planet - Chris. Its quite big though and obviously covers a lot of places we're not going.
      • Sharman - Damo
      • Andes - Damo
    • GPS - Damo
    • Thermarest repair kit ? - Franco has
  • Hardware - Personal
    • ice axe and hammer,
    • Crampons,
    • Helmet (Franco needs to borrow MPS one)
    • Harness,
    • Belay plate (suitable for abseiling also),
    • Karibiners: HMS for belaying, large HMS for belays, d-shaped screw gate, 2x snap gates,
      • Good idea to oil these before departing
    • 2x 120cm slings
    • Prussik loops,
  • Hardware - Group
    • minimum 6 ice screws, - all, If we want to do Alpamayo then need 10, as multipitch 70o ice climbing at 5800m in the air.
      • Chris has 3, Franco 2, Damo 4. Will bring them all.
    • set of nuts, - Chris
    • 3 friends (WC sizes 1,2,3) - Chris
    • Large-sized hexes (sizes 7, 8, 9), - Damo
    • 1 x Dead man - MPS
    • 3x snow stakes, - to buy when we are there
    • 4x 60cm slings, 4x 120cm slings, each with 1 or 2 snap gates, ?
    • tat, 7mm cord? Chris has 10m including his cordelette
    • abalakov threader, do we have a long enough ice screw? I don't - Chris Chris to make one
      • Franco has a bit of wire for this with his gear in notts
    • 1 x 60m single rope - Damo or double ropes = longer abseils, more adaptable,
      • If we're planning on getting onto AD routes then it is likely we will have to do repeated abseils. 1 rope will be very time consuming for this so would need to get either a further half rope or 60m of thin ab cord. - Chris can discuss with Damo next term.
    • Snow shovel - MPS, necessary?
  • Personal - Clothing (to be take on the mountain)
    • Head: Sun hat, Sun glasses, Warm hat + spare, balacalva, Goggles,
    • Hands: Gloves, dactdein mitts + 2 spare pairs,
    • Feet: Boots + 2 x spare laces, Socks + Spare socks, Plastic boots?, Thermal overgaiters??
    • Body: Wicking layer, Jumper, fleece, buffalo, down jacket, waterproof jacket
    • Legs: Wicking layer, Trousers, Water proof bottoms,
      • Buffalo/equivalent trousers (F will get his posted to D's parents). But having read Sharman intro section I think they might be overkill? Possibly leave behind?
  • Personal - Other (to be taken on the mountain)
    • Sleeping bag + Liner
    • Bivi bag (or not?)(or Orange bag?)
    • Sleeping mat
    • Map + case
    • Compass
    • Whistle
    • Personal meds
    • Watch
    • Headtorch and spare batteries
  • Personal - Other
    • Spare clothes
    • Mug
    • Cutlery
    • Spoon + bowl
    • Wash kit

Chris' Gear

All jokes aside, this is what I think I'll be comfortable wearing. Put in here so we can compare. I don't really know how cold it will be, only going by what I've read.

  • Feet: Liner socks, thick socks, plastic boots, yeti gaitors (yeti's only beaucse I prefer them, not for added warmth).
  • Legs: Wicking boxers, Paramo thermals, Paramo salopettes.
  • Body: Helly, Rab Vapour rise (thin fleece and petex), Buffalo (either the normal Buffalo or my belay jacket, the belay jacket is probably a bit thinner), synthetic 'duvet' jacket for evenings/emergency layer (probably my Berghaus top but might buy a Pataginia Micro Puff which looks a bit warmer and has a hood). Maybe a waterproof as well. Or might replace the buffalo with Paramo.
  • Hands: Liner gloves, ski-style gloves, Buffalo mitts (pile and pertex) and probably a fleece pair as well, won't wear them all at once obviously.
  • Head: Only a powerstretch balaclava but the Rab top and Buffalo have lined hoods. Goggles and sunglasses also. Think I ought to buy a sun hat as well, just so I look the part.

Maybe I spend too much time thinking about gear. Yes! but very useful. (damo)

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