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Next Meet

"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

Next Social

AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Ice Climb

Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb




Rules and Kit List

  • It needs to shelter 4, not sleep 4. We can take mine (I used it for LAMM), think it weighs ~1.8kg. Or maybe find someone with a laser? CB
  • I can put a post on unumc, wouldn't surprise me if someone has an ultralightweight tent lurking somewhere.

Light Sleeping Bag?

  • I don't have a light one(VV)
  • I've got one. CB
  • I've got a down one ~0.75kgs, or do you think we will be able to use a Blizzard Survival bag instead which I also have(JJS)


  • I have full 1:25 (VV)
  • memorymap maybe?
  • Think I'd prefer to use 1:50'000 most of the time. Would be good to have both in the team though. Ought to print (and write notes on) and laminate the bits we need, maybe carry a full map in the bottom of a bag as well though, just in-case we need to find an escape route. CB
  • Would the new BMC 'printed on plastic' map cover the whole route?(JJS)
  • Also read in some article about some guys who had wrote down a list of all the compass bearings they were going to follow for each section, sounds like a good idea.(JJS) Would be best to draw these on the map - wouldn't be able to do this with the BMC map. But otherwise it would be good. CB
  • In any case you don't want to be carrying a whole 1:25'000 because they're huge, cut out/scan the bits you need. CB
  • I have both the 1:25,000 (JJS), tempted to colour photocopy relevant bits though rather than having the bulk and folding hassle of the full one

Other important bits to consider:

  • Rucksack, (comfy to run with and as light as poss)
    • I have been using this JJS's current sack, seems ok and was sufficiently cheap I don't mind buying another if I need to.
  • Torch, (really bright and long battery life)
    • Had a bit of a look, I don't think my current torch (Tikka Plus) is going to cut it, the three best LED ones at the moment seem to be the Myo XP, the Silva LX and the Princeton Tec Apex. Before anyone goes and buys one I have heard on good authority that there is going to be a new model Myo XP in the new year(JJS).
    • I'll have a Myo XP by then, Vince has one also. Yep, apparently we should wait for the new one though. I've got some old Petzl zoom's if you don't want to buy anything new. CB
  • Leggings, (I don't think just a single pair of tracksters will be warm enough?)
    • I have been running in these they are nice and v. cheap.
  • Waterproof, (carry or wear?)
    • I was thinking of running in my Paramo, but I haven't tried yet, I may find it too warm?(JJS)
    • pertex/waterproof spare trousers?(JJS) I might buy some pertex trousers, they don't cost much. Otherwise will stick with what I've got. Maybe two of us should carry pertex and two carry waterproofs. CB
    • I'll wear my Paramo smock, worked well for my first LAMM. CB
    • Worth pointing out waterproof must have a hood, apparently they are pretty strict on the equipment check.
  • Spare Layer, (really warm + light)
    • Rab Photon Hoody (JJS)
  • Gloves,
  • Socks, (must know what you like)
  • Gaitors, has anyone used/tried running with gaitors I have seen you can get some little ankle length ones specifically for running, are they worth it? Inov8 are also going to bring out a sock with an integrated gaitor early next year.(JJS)
    • I think they look pointless, you're going to get wet feet within five minutes anyway. They might be good to stop stones getting in your shoes but the Peak district doesn't exactly have many scree slopes. They're just a trendy continental thing, people have managed for years without them. CB
  • Water, can we refill at every checkpoint/some checkpoints/we have to take enough for the whole course. How much do you think we'll need, 0.5litres an hour?(JJS) This is mentioned in one of the Shane Ohly articles. He says to re-fill at Moscar and Snake Pass, sounds realistic to me. I'll probably carry about 1.5litres at a time. CB
  • Food
  • Contents of first aid kit? Mine normally consists of fingertape and paracetamol!(JJS)
    • Probably: triangular bandage, tape, paracetomol, ibuprofen, tape for blisters(and I'll take a knee bandage). CB
  • No more than one mobile phone in the group. CB


  • Planetfear Articles.
  • I am making some notes on carbohydrate loading if anyone is interested.
    • When you say I've done it before, I did it completely by accident for LAMM this year and will definately not be doing it again, was not at all fun not being able to get out of bed the morning after the Ramsoc marathon. All I'll do is eat lots of pasta the 3 or so days beforehand. CB
    • I think I will take CB's approach and just eat loads of carbs beforehand, the whole carb depletion thing doesn't look much fun!(JJS)


  • I think a lift homr is the way to go, if necessary I will put my gf on my insurance and we will all squeeze in my 306 (I am not driving back after 36hrs no sleep and 42 miles running), some other people/climbers have said that they might come watch on the Saturday morning so lifts shouldn't be a problem (JJS).
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