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1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

Good Pubs in Nottingham

The pubs listed below have all been visted by MPS at some time or another as part of our Socials Diary.

The GroveA nice, spacious pub in Lenton on the corner of Castle Boulevard and Abbey Road.
The Pit & PendulumGood cocktails. This is a must for all Nottinghamites, if only to use the toilet. You'll see why
The Bag O'NailsGood pub in the heart of Lenton, always a winner. Affectionately known as the "bag o' shite. No atmosphere. It's only redeeming feature is that it is open late.
The Boat Inntowny but friendly pub in Dunkirk
The RoebuckTypical good yet cheap food and drink from wetherspoons
Sir John Borlase WarrenA great pub with a nice atmosphere and decent beer - wear something smart!
The Happy ReturnA chea pub in the heart of Lenton. Just make sure you go in the right entrance to avoid being stabbed
Tantra barTown. Quite possibly the coolest place in town. An exceptional range of coctails (tuesday night half price), coupled with a cool clientele will have you gagging for more. If your lucky, then you might just get a bed to lay on aswell.
The White HartLenton - just don't go when the OAP quiz night is on!
The Johnson ArmsLenton - cannot really go wrong. A favourite for QMC people and medics
The Dog and TopperLenton - cheap drinks, no atmosphere
Ye olde trip to JerusalemTown. Allegedly the oldest pub in the world (along with a number of other pubs claiming the same thing)! Set in the caves below Nottingham "castle" (sorry Nottingham, you destroyed your castle. All you have left is a 17th century house on a hill on a the site of a castle-deal with it), this traditional pub can get a bit touristy, but is worth a visit out of season (watch out for people swinging lumps of metal at you!)
The Three WheatsheavesLenton - nice pub, slightly set back from Derby Road. Used to do lock-ins. Do they still?
Rose and CrownIt is very convenient stop on the way between campus and Lenton. Does cheap beer and food
The ArkCampus. Cheap and cheerful
Cripps' Hall BarPossibly the best hall bar on campus
Derby Hall BarCampus. More of a town bar feel than a homely pub.
The CanalhouseTown. Down by the canal, funnily enough. Cool pre-ocean bar, with a canal running through the middle of it. No swimming.
The Victoria HotelThis pub serves great alcohol, the largest selection of whiskies available in Nottingham, out-of-the-ordinary continental lagers, a wide-selection of ever-changing real ales, and a long wine-list. If you're hungry there is a very nice menu which isn't pricey and they have an open beer garden all year round!
The Marquis of LorneRadford, with a less than 40% chance of sustaining lethal gunshot wounds. Get in!
The Old PeacockLate licence! - but not many chairs
JUNCTION 7Live music
CucumarasSmall, Dingy, Smelly but for some reason very appealing. Famous for its cocktails
Quilted LlamaLarge fishbowls of cocktails. Happy hour on a tuesday night
Via FossaAwesome location to sit in the sun on those long summer evenings next to the canal
Pitcher and PianoOld church converted into a bar, stunning bar but a little expensive
The Bell InnOld pub on market square, live jazz, not bad at all.
Cock and HoopSmall welcoming pub in the lace market
The RopewalkOld scream bar now gone up market - expensive drinks but worth dropping by for just the one
The GatehouseUsed to be an absolute dive but its been refurbished and alright now. Cheap curries on a Tuesday
Horn in HandScream Bar
The Speak EasyRock bar
The Malt CrossScenic bar with a glass floor - can be difficult to find especially when jim does the multimap link!
Ye Old Salutation InnOld pub, wide range of beer but can smell a bit of fish. Meant to be haunted - whatever!!
The Rescue RoomsAwesome location, great outside patio area, popular with indie lovers. Happy hour 5-7 everyday!
The Royal ChildrenHidden away - wont find it if your not looking for it. spacious (Famous for leaky's 'wee' adventure on the way there)
The DragonSmall bar off market square - a mps favourite (for some reason?)
RevolutionYEAH BABY!!
LloydsUpmarket Weatherspoons - consists of lots of marble (probably an old bank - Natwest will not be happy!!)
The Vat and FiddleNormally has a range of about 10 beers on - from manky milds to real ales
The CowBeeston - Bus stops outside the frontdoor (and thats all thats good about it!)
DogmaBar upstairs, club downstairs - spent many a night in there after the pub social
ChambersIrish bar - music varies from popular to cheese with the odd irish jig mixed in for kicks. You have to go on St. Patrick's day!!!
The SocialTrendy bar downstairs - live gig room upstairs. Prides itself on having the Libertines playing there once. If you've never been its a must but can get very busy

Old Website Pub Map

(As in the map is in the old website, not the pubs, particularly) - This link no longer works.

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