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Well many think of Scotland as a wet, windy and cold place where youíre in cloud above 300m and need ski goggles to walk around on the mountains. BUT what if I was to tell you about a week in Scotland where the sun shone, people got sunburnt most days and you could actually see more than 10 feet in front of you?

You would call me a big dirty liar, and tell me to stop speaking such rubbish, but Iím telling you it actually did happen...and in March. So call me a liar and tell me to shut up but I know along with 12 other people who ventured up to Glen Shiel that Scotland can actually have good weather, even if very occasionally.

So what caused this great freak of nature? Some say global warming is to blame; others say that the dance of the sun worked, but I say that mps go to Scotland so often that we had to have got to have good weather eventually!

So I've covered the weather - well I better mention some of the other highlights of the week.


We left the stores early morning ready for the long trip to Scotland and after only about 10 minutes on the road we hit a massive traffic jam leaving Nottingham. This prompted Fabian to claim that he knew a better, quicker route out of Nottingham through the backstreets of Beeston, Chilwell and Long Eaton. But no sooner than turning round he then admitted that he was talking rubbish and didn't actually know the shorter way but had been told about it once many year ago. "No problem" he said as he reached for the map, looked at it then put it back on the dash board, "screw that! we'll find the way."

After going West then East then South then North then East again then back West and then South (and probably some more West for good measures!) we made it onto the A50. Only delayed us by an hour!

We arrived late evening at the Shiel Bridge Campsite, our base for the first half of the week.


Everyone awoke to their name been shouted out by Chris - it must have sounded like the school assembly call to anyone else, and we all gradually crawled out of our sleeping bags making sure we didn't expose any flesh to the freezing air. After a major major faff we got into the bus to be dropped of at the start of the walks. Lots of people did the South ridge of Glen Shiel (The "Glen Shiel Seven"), while Chris, Cat, Fabian and Steve did the Forcan ridge.

Damo and Vince decided that it was a great idea to do 30 press-ups on the top of each Munro, and at the end of the walk. Wouldn't it be much more beneficial to flex your arm muscles by weight lifting in the pub in the evening?

The weather was so good that Fabian, Chris, Cat and Steve decided to head to the Kyle of Lochlaish after their walk to invest in some suncream as Steve and Fabian were resembling burnt lobsters. We missed the shops completely (but found some nutty old place out of the League of Gentlemen on the way back which sold rubbish suncream but gave a lot of free advice about it), found the Kyle's only "computer", a crawly thing in the loch and a boat being inexpertly loaded with wood. Awesome.


Chris decided that life was far to short to take his time and spend a few days walking the Munros in Glen Shiel and instead decided to run them, taking in the full South ridge, the five sisters and the four brothers. HARDCORE. We met him near the start of our (Steve, Cat, Fabian) walk on the southern Glen Shiel ridge and he looked far less knackered than us!

Damo, Grahame, Martin did Mullach na Dheiragain and (let me check the spelling) Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan.

Vince, Mike, Matt, Will did the Forcan Ridge.

That night we went to the local pub with its very own "wee bunk house" right in the middle of the hotel's car park! We also finally signed into the campsite and so the hot water was turned on, this made washing up the dishes so much easier! Fabian was accused of being an eating machine for being first at the dinner queue for firsts, seconds and often thirds. However he was redeemed after Will and Damo were caught ordering another meal at the pub after having demolished thirds at dinner at the campsite! Everyone made a right meal of that event!


Damo, Cat, Martin, Vince did the 5 sisters (at least the 3 Munros on them) and the 4 brothers - another mega day out. Other people did random other mountains in the area and Fabian did his first solo Munro (or 3 Munros). Grahame's friend Rob then met up with us in the early evening (in the pub).


Today we saw the only bit of rain all week - luckily I (Steve) was back in the bus along with Vince and Mike before it started to piss it down so stayed nice and dry. I'm really glad we choose a short walk for the day. Chris, Cat and Fabian decided to go climbing and had a great time until they reached the top when the rain/snow came in, they then went horribly wrong (apparently) on the way down and came out at the totally wrong place. Steve's now mystical ability to turn up in the bus at the right time came into effect and they were picked up just at the time Fabian walked up to the road (with a lot of whinging about "we sat up there waiting for you for two hours" which Fabian happily passed over to Leader and President Chris to explain)

In the evening we striked camp (which may well have been the last time ever the Matt Rose tent will be used - BOO HOO), packed the bus and set of for GlenLicht house, surprisingly in the Glen of Licht. The journey involved driving along a 6km long dirt track that the national trust recommend only 4 wheel-drives go along. Well a minibus is kinda like a four wheel drive - it has four wheels, its big, it drinks a lot of diesel, its got a roof rack and a tow bar, what other similarities do you need?? Steve relished the challenge and after a very slow journey along the Glen with only one head smacking of the window (you should never fall asleep while your sat next to a window in a bus thats driving along a very bumpy track), only one pee stop and Fabian nearly puking (being a wuss) we made it to GlenLicht house at about 9pm after, an awesome location with the only downfall being the lack of a toilet (well until Vince dug one) or shower.


Damo, Cat, Martin, Grahame, Rob, Chris and Will walked up Beinn Fhada and then Damo, Cat, Martin, Grahame and Rob carried on to walk up A'Ghla-bheinn. The rest of us decided that staying in the hut was a much better option to play Scrabble, some silly card game called hearts (or summat) and try to have a nice afternoon snooze (scuppered due to someone deciding to actually get active and sort the hut out, involving a lot of door slamming)....

We decided it would be a good idea to light both the fires in the hut to get it nice and warm for when people returned of the hills. However after getting the second fire nicely lit (the one in the kitchen) we realised that smoke was coming out of the roof where it wasn't meant to be - and also filling the hut with smoke. Hence the offending fire had to be extinguished plunging half the hut back into coldness. Somehow stone seems to suck the heat out of the air - it was warmer outside!

Vince decided to erect his tent on the minibus roof rack to dry it out.


Martin and Fabian decide to walk 8km into the neighbouring glen of Affric to bag 3 of the Munros that they missed on the previous easter trip and came back with interesting pictures of what can only be described as Martin getting his own way with a Cairn (How much are you all willing to pay me NOT to put that picture up? - Fabian).

A few of us decided to go and climb Beinn Sgritheall, a remote Munro near Loch Hourn. After finishing the climb in under 3hrs we then headed to "the tea hut" around in Arnisdale. The name and location gave us clues of what to expect and we weren't disappointed, it actually was a garden shed complete with a dog, sheep and a friendly old woman who told us her entire life story over a mug of hot chocolate.

That night we held the annual dinner cooked by Grahame (the first time we had sat around a table to eat all week) and had the ritual Pineapple Prizes.


We got up at 6am, packed, cleaned, filled in the toilet trench and were on the road by 7:30am headed home to the delightful place called Nottingham (just in time to see the magic numbers playing in market square).

See the Munro Tally and the Pineapple Prizes

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