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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Ice Climb

Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

Once upon a time, in a land far far away...mps'ers came to play

Red text is Gerard. Blue is Vince. Green is Jonny

Hamish and friends' diary:

Thursday: Dinner in penrith is made extra amusing by the Chav with loudest crappy bike i have ever heard. Due to this noisy contraption he is chased up the hill by the police. Drive up, A82 closed after Inverbeg (they actually lied, it was closed further up!) so take coastal route. We pass what seams to be a navy base and then come across a sign that says SLOW EXPLOSIVES! So we did go slow. Lou nearly hits a few deer and Fleetwood Mac make for some comedy sing-alongs. Unfortunately we miss a right turn and end up taking a very scenic route round the coast and past Oban. Some 'awesome' (I'm not sure Lou thought so...) driving by Chris allowed us to arrive on....

Friday: Arrive at 2am? more like 3am... Sleep at last!

Wake up late by normal standards. I run 36km to Fort William via Kinlochleven, the west highland way and glen nevis. First car I give the thumb for a hitch drives me all the way back to the hut! I LOVE SCOTLAND!

Vince etc climb some boring hills. Nice straight forward day, enjoying what snow there was and breaks in the weather. Strong winds were a hinderance; Ari (being light) was occasionally blown off her feet. Diet of painkillers and pork pie!!!

Lou attempts the Buckle. Gerard, Johnny and Phil join her. We reach the top after a fun little bit of snow, but have to quit en route to the 2nd top as it was too dam windy. So we made an exit down a steep gully, which gave Johnny his first taste of what crampons are really for.

Bolognese, although perhaps not made in the genuine authentic italian style, was very welcome. Another sucess for the chef

AWESOME night in the Clachaig inn, VINCE GETS WASTED! Band have a funny headbanging accordian player which Vince does a very good impression of. We sample the beers and a pint of skull splitter leads to anger, (Vince seems to get it into his head that hamish is a paedo) vs. the drug dealer(Vince). I wish i could play the accordian, I can head bang but that's only half way there.

Walk back in rain and vince gets worse on return to hut. Late leavers from the pub decide to take a little jog back to the hut but the volume of beer in my stomach cuts that short

Vince quote of the evening "I'm going to rape you!" Chris quote of the evening (directed at Vince) "maybe theyre trying to phone you to tell you to SHUT THE **** UP!"


Eventually we get some sleep.

Weather- Very Windy, showers.


Wake up late by normal standards (recurring theme!)

Weather absolutely shocking - rains entire day.

Whilst Ben is out we stick his 'sit-mat' to the ceiling and put his shoe really high up, really funny but ben not so amused!

Me, Lou, Ari, Mike, Chris, Johnny head to the ice factor and spend the indoor climbing, eating cake and drinking tea. Mike does his first indoor lead. Hamish is feeling the pain and has a nap, and is politely moved on by a fellow climber. Auto belays caused some nervousness towards the start but eventually everyone was trusting their life to a glorified seatbelt. Fluorescent jacket from the pub makes a cameo appearance!

Vince, Ben, Gerard, Phil head into coire nan lochan and climb a slushy grade 0.5 gully. Ben complains lots apparently (Being fair to the boy, it was the first time he'd used crampons and we soloed [Ben refused a rope] up and down the grade 0.5 gully). Vince thoroughly enjoys this very wet rainy day, and is only slightly disappointed to have not carried on... It was Silly weather on top, silly! Vince and I get hit by falling rocks, they really hurt.

Phil narrowly escapes death when a near fatal slip causes him to tumble unhindered down a precipitous ice flow narrowly escaping the grasp of the icy chasm below.

MPS BAND play a percussion masterpiece to Chris Burn over the phone! I think we need Chris to voice his opinion about this...

Another top notch chilli con carne with just the right amount of kick, Ben seems to be quite sensitive to the spices... exatra ingredients in the pepper free portion perchance?

6 MPS'ers engage in a tea towel whipping fight -below the waist only! It was MEGA!

Another night in the Clachaig. Band plays country music and I still don't get served by the hot barmaid! scottish accent is sexy

Chris(explorers) needs toilet during the night and on his return Ben thinks he's Vince trying to 'rape' him!


Wake up earlier. Lou in mean sec mood and nearly drives off without ben/mike! I make my sandwiches on bus. Vince stays in due to injury and Gerard stays in also. I'm a wuss and i don't like wet Boots.

Lou and everyone else head up somewhere above Glencoe ski centre and bumslide down. Ben apparently complains lots and lots - he doesn't get a lunch break! The aim was to climb two munros which I do not know the names of... our first obstacle was a river crossing hampered by the fact that most of the water in the world had decided to visit scotland at the same time as us, and was just on its way back down to the sea. A good place was found but this was spurned by some members of the group, prefering a trip into a deep and widening gorge. Presently, this was expertly conquered and a sharp uphill trek and enjoyable ridge found us on the top of the first peak. The wind was still quite noticable. Coming off the summit, we were sheltered from the wind making for a fantastic start towards the second peak with fresh feathery snow underfoot. The sun even made an appearance. The wind returned but didn't stop us claiming the munro before letting gravity assist us on our way back to the bus with a massive bum sliding session and some valuable ice axe arrest practise!

I run 11 miles to Bridge of Orchy. I say 'run' but I was beginning to realise that my legs were still tired from Friday. Hitch a lift back to Glencoe with the second car that passes this time, I LOVE SCOTLAND!

Before the others get back, me, gerard and vince do some dry tooling at a secret location!

Pack up quick to avoid the wrath of the angry hut owners, and drive home.

More amazing singing to tunes all the way home. The MAC rule, I'm a family man.

Lou is no longer mean sec and becomes kind sec by dropping us at our halls!

A really fun weekend!

Supplementary Meat report - some good minced beef and porked pie action. Meat sec to ensure more bacon!

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