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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

By the end of our week in Glen Affric we all realised there had been quite a prominent theme running throughout our time there, hence:

Life is a Competition

Who held up our departure time the longest?
Franco – found having a shower when he should have been at the Texaco garage.

Who stole the most expensive piece of equipment from a fellow MPS member?
Dave – who stole Gerard’s much-loved ice axe for his 3-day camping trip

Who ate the most chocolate bars?
Martin – 12 a day.

Whose shoelaces came undone the most?

Who could not actually do up his own shoelaces?

Who got the worst injury?
1st Damian - gammy knee, meant he couldn't go out in the persistent drizzle for dreary long walks, convenient?
2nd Chris - I felt a little off colour for a while

Who got their foot stuck in deep snow and had to be dug out by steve (after he laughed a lot and took photos)?

Who lost the most expensive piece of equipment belonging to a fellow MPS member?
Matt, Franco and Martin lost Damian’s tent, although that might have been the excuse to abandon their 3-day camping trip so they wouldn’t have to get wet feet crossing the river.

Who was the most generous with their food?

Who tried the most to make Chris guilty for not sharing his lemon drizzle cake?

Who was the most jealous of Chris’ amazing choice of food?
1st Damian
2nd Hannah

Who had the best camping trip?
Chris, Hannah, Franco, Matt and Damian
We actually went camping,
We didn’t have to walk miles,
It was my idea,

Who spent 2 nights in a tent, 1 on a massive slope and both in pouring rain with daves arse producing gas like a power station just to bag the best munros in the area?
Fabian, Steve, and Dave (who had to suffer his own arse!)
Ours was definately the best camping trip!

Who built the best snow-wall/wind-break for their tent?
1st Hannah and Chris – aesthetically and structurally pleasing with mediocre wind protection.
2nd Damian – would probably have blown away in a gale but gave the best coverage.
Runners up, Matt and Franco – gave up after only a few feet when they realised they had no chance.

Which tent had the best food?
Hannah and Chris’

Who had the highest poo?
1st Damian – 1115m
2nd Dave – 980m

Who ‘forgot’ their crampons the most times?
Chris, Hannah, Damian, Franco and Matt

Who threw Damian’s Chocolate the furthest?

Who wore the least amount of layers?
Damian, cos he’s ‘ard

Who didn’t restock the fire in the drying room the most times?

Who made the best custard?

Who was the best scrabble player?

Who tied a figure of eight the fastest?
Chris – simultaneously destroyed the washing line

Who didn’t have a clue where they were the most?
Joint 1st place, Hannah and Matt

Who used (read: “blunted”) their crampons the most?
Fabian and Gerard

Who did the best feat in the Munro Phenomenon book?
No idea, but ask Matt

Which MPS member is the most likely to suffer from PMD?

Who was the best log chopper?

Who swam across the river the fastest?

Who had the best body for swimming across the river naked?
Apparently not Martin, but I wasn’t there to judge

Who tried to race a chav-mobile in the minibus before realising the chav-mobile was parked?

And of course……
Who bagged the most Munro’s?

All above edited by Chris and written by everyone - I tried my best to keep it in order and largely accurate, I think any major edits/additions should go below

Photos from the trip can be found on Fabians and Steves photo gallery pages

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