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Next Meet

"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

Next Social

AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Ice Climb

Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

Individual Kit

These are the items of kit that you need to bring along for an MPS meet. Items in bold you MUST have! Don't forget that in winter you will need more clothes (because it's colder!!). More detail is given below the table. If in doubt then just ask.

 Sleep Mat (Some Meets) Sleeping Bag Toilitries Towel Survival Bag
 Gloves (and spares) Gaiters Goggles Walking Boots Walking Socks
 Thermal Layers Thermal Bottoms Fleece (or warm jumper) Waterproof Overtrousers Waterproof Jacket
 Balaclava Warm Hat Head Torch Walking Trousers (no denim) Breakfasts
 Lunches Waterbottle Spare Emergency Clothes Emergency 24 hr Rations Whistle
 Flask Reading Book Camera Rucksack Waterproof Rucksack Liner
 Suncream Sunglasses Pub Clothes Money & Spare Footwear Ear Plugs

For a more detailed breakdown of the kit listed above, click here.

Sleep Mat - These are needed for some huts such as the Steall Hut and when we camp. Note that tents can be hired through the SU when camping.

Sleeping Bag - How warm your bag needs to be is a very personal thing. But bear in mind that some huts can be very cold in the depths of winter. Additional liners and clothes can be used to increased the rating of bags.

Emergency Survival Bag – The orange bag is a truly essential (and versatile) bit of kit, they are cheap (about £2!) and could save your life.

Gloves – Finding truly waterproof gloves is a real challenge, personally I dont think such a thing exists meaning aim to keep youre hande warm and damp, so it is useful to have more than one pair. I like windstopper gloves as they are dexterus (usefull for climbing), suprisingly comeftable across a wide range of condtions and light. Mitts make a good spare pair as they are really warm if a bit clumsy. Top Tip, keep youre water bottle in a spare mit in winter to stop the bottle freazing! Spare socks can be used as mitts at a push. Spare dry clothes, gloves, hat and socks should all be carried in the rucksack liner.

Gaiters – These should be worn when using crampons. Breathable material is definitely preferable. Gaiters can take a hammering so a robust strap and buckle system is important. Crampon resistant patches can reduce the risk of sticking a crampon through and tearing them and your expensive overtrousers to shreds!

Goggles – Very useful when fighting against a blizzard, without which it feels like being sand blasted in the face!

Walking Boots – For winter use Boots should be stiff soled and suitable for use with crampons. This means having at least a B1 rated boot. A B2 boot is prefereable for Scottish winter walking, whilst climbers and Alpinists often opt for a B3. Check out the Scarpa site for more information on the system used for matching boots and crampons. Boots are crucial for comfort and saftey, a mistake can be costly and dangerus.

Walking Socks - One thick pair at least, carrying a spare set in your rucksack. Or be very clever (and immensely smug back in the hut) and avoid blisters by using some thin liner socks underneath the thick ones. This avoids feet rubbing as much and thus avoids blisters. Coolmax liners are made by a variety of brands and are very comfortable.

Thermal Layers - The layering system is very important, especially when it's cold. This is because air is trapped between the layers, increasing the warmth. So several thin layers will always be warmer than one thick layer. The layering system also allows for easy regulation - if your too hot, then just remove a layer or two, and vice versa if your too cold. Wicking tops such as ‘dryflo’ or wollen clothing should be worn in preference to cotton. [Down/feather jackets are very warm but those without a waterproof outer and inner aren't much use in the wet conditions ‘sometimes’ found in Scotland. Microfibre/primaloft etc. Belay jackets will tolerate getting wet and stay warm and are a very good idea if youre going to be standing around a lot, for instance climbing ]. The picture below shows the layering principle quite well.

Waterproofs – A good waterproof jacket with a decent hood is essential for winter conditions. Waterproof overtrousers are often needed and it’s worth remembering that lightweight waterproofs can be inadequate under severe winter conditions. [Overtrousers with a full length side zip are not essential.]

Hat - A warm hat is essential and the easiest way to regulate your temperature. Balaclavas are great when the spindrift blows.

Headtorch - An essential item in winter when the days are short. Spare batteries & bulb should also be carried. LED varaints are great for following a track or path, checking the map and reading on the bus or back in the hut as they have good battery life, for serius outside use go for single "supperbright" LED. Halogen/Zenon beams are better for spotting over distances. Combination torches give the best of both but are more expensive.

Walking Trousers – lightweight fast drying trousers are the best. Thermal ‘longjohns’ or fleecy trousers are good when it gets really cold. Remember cotton and especially denim jeans must not be worn.

Rucksack & Liner – For winter 40L or 50L is typical depending on how bulky your spare clothing is. Proprietary liners can be bought but a rubble sac bin liner (usually £1 a roll from Wilko’s and the like) works well. Don’t be temped to buy the biggest rucksack and then fill it, remember “Speed is Safety”.

Emergency 24hr Rations – Don’t forget to take extra food over and above your lunch just in case you should become benighted!

Ear Plugs - A few pennies will buy you a priceless good night's sleep!!

Remember if you are unsure about anything then just ask us.

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