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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

Set off with minimal faffing (ok, that's a complete lie). Got to Penrith in good time despite the horrendous traffic. Fish and chips were awful.
Had some interesting snow fall crossing the A66. Even in the dark coming up to Crianlarich, it was clear that the Munros were coated in snow which could potentially make for some awesome walking!
Got to Crianlarich at about 01:30. The hut was complete with bunks, two bathrooms and a lounge with an open firegrate. The upper bunks were a bit confined though but were soon snug in bed with alarm clocks set for 07:00 although we were not really sure what we would wake up to in terms of weather as the forecast was for white-out blizzards, and 100mph winds.

Day 1: Saturday 26th November

Woke up to a fairly windy, but cloud-broken dawn. There were three walks on offer led by Fabian and Steve, Nick, and Franco.

Fabian and Steve led Mark, Lou, Martin and Rob to bag Ben More and Stob Binnean, two of the highest Munros in the region. We were dropped off by Franco a few kilometers from the cottage and decided that boshing straight up Ben More would be a fool hardy move (coz it looked bloody knackering). We followed the track through the glen and started up the slopes towards the Col between More and Stob Binnean with a plan to bag the latter, then Ben More and then come straight down off the top of Ben More.

martin resting with Stob Binnean in the backgroundStob Binnean from the Col

We had stunning views over Beinn Tulaichean and Cruach Ardrain which Nick was leading and apart from being very windy, the weather looked good enough for us to believe that the forecast was wrong and we headed up to the Col in good spirits. Stob Binnean was pretty icy as we ascended the 350m from the Col and was just in the cloud when we reached the summit. The wind was ferocious and wew headed back to the Col for lunch pretty quickly and hid behind a huge boulder for food. Getting up again, Fabian walked round to the windy side and was immediately blown over!
Ice axes out as we went for the more sheltered but snowy ascent of Ben More. Often at times we were waist deep in snow and this led for a tiring route up, battling the wind. We had failed to put any rocks in Martin's bag and he seemed to hurtle up like a mountain Gazelle!. Again at the top we were shrouded in cloud, but decided to just set a bearing and bosh straight down towards the road.

Summit of Ben More

We had some fun bum-sliding down although Lou managed to rip her waterproof trousers. By a sad twist of fate - Fabian's knee injury which put him out of action on trips for so long failed to rear it's head but Steve ended up peg-legged coming down and was out of action for the rest of the trip.
When we got back to the hut, Nick's group had just got back and after a chain of showers (Gerrard had a cold one) we started on dinner.

Nick's walk

Franco's walk

Dinner was a curry cooked by Fabian and Steve and their band of merry choppers. Martin used his ski goggles to protect his eyes from the tear-inducing onions and Nick whinged constantly that chopping the 'cold' chicken was freezing his hands. Nevertheless we soon had a curry on the go. However, Fabian was so terrified of making it even vaguely hot (because he would have got shouted at) that it was too mild to the point that all but James was forced to add extra chillies and ginger to make it a curry again. Meanwhile, Franco and Nick were being innovative in trying to get a roaring fire going. Chopping wood with ice-axes and trying to get kindling lit. After two hours however both had to concede defeat as there was not so much as a spark left. Still, all the food got eaten and most were sweating from the added spices and people seemed happy enough.

Onions'22? Again?

Fabian was summoned by Lou to the dining room a bit later ("oh dear, what have I done now - that sounded ominous!) but was presented with an amazing birthday cake (cooked by Lou) and a ginger cake (unwrapped by Nick) with ... over 30 candles on, and a birthday card. Thanks guys!!
A trip to the pub after dinner but most were knackered and Fabian (despite being his birthday evening) had promised not to drink anything in case it caused him to snore like a space shuttle taking off. Most left early for a good sleep but were woken up by Ste arriving back trollied at 02:30am talking loudly. Strangely those woken actually thought it was time to get up!

Day 2: Sunday 27th November

Quite a few sore heads I think and some that did not even bother surface for the 07:00 alarm call. Oh dear oh dear! Still, there were seven of the fifteen keen on going on a walk that day. Franco led himself to do a single Munro and Chris (Frodo) Burn and Fabian led Lou, Martin, Vince and Rob to do two.

Franco dropped Chris's group off to do Beinn a'Chroin and An Caisteal. We decided to get the walk through the glen done first and save the Munros for the end. A long walk in and a gradual ascent led to a steeper ascent and several Munro tops before we got to the actual summit of Beinn a'Chroin - We could feel our tired 'Sunday legs!'. The weather could not have been more perfect - just a few clouds well above Munro height and barely a breeze although it was cold and the sun glistened on the crisp snow.

Ben More and Stob Binnean from An Caisteal

Attach:ancaisteal.jpg Δ

We were able to have some fun playing in the snow on the ridge and vince managed to slide head first down a snow bank - thankfully nowhere near a drop! The descent to the Col was challenging to say the least. We took a wrong turn and ended up exactly where we did not want to be: traversing the cliffs. Only Fabian, Chris and Rob had any experience of winter conditions and a mild panic by Aunty Fabo about the less experienced members had everyone with ice-axes out, walking single file after a few hasty pits had been dug. A real and literal 'in at the deep end' for Lou, Martin and Vince. However we got to the Col with some great leadership from Chris and quickly headed up the steep slopes to An Caisteal. It was icy and in places we had to scramble but we got from the Col to the Summit in 40 mins to be rewarded with breathtaking views past Glasgow and up to the Nevis range and across to the Cairngorms.
The ridge walk down was fun in the brilliant aternoon sunshine and we ran down the last 400meters and were met by Franco waiting in the van. We were about 30 mins late and saw Nick standing outside the hut waiting. We thought we were going to get shouted at for delaying a possible departure but we found out that the bimblers were not back yet. A thorough clear up of the hut was performed waiting for the bimblers to return.

Franco's Walk
Was a quick stroll up and down Beinn Chabhair; good, but not of much interest to anyone else, as he went alone. Good views of An Caisteal.

Nick and Ste's Runs

James's Bimble Soc
After looking on the map and talking to the barman in the pub on the Saturday night we disovered a loch at about 500m height with a island very close to the shore, we were told it was so close that we might be able to reach the island. So our challenge was set - "to get onto the island."

After ignoring the 7am wake up call from Dave (who went straight back to bed after waking up everyone else) we arose at 10ish. After a long and relaxed breakfast, bimble soc. made a move to do what they do best bimble! After a 3km very boring walk down the road to reach a bridge and cross the river we started to climb up to the loch. At this point James decided that no compass bearing would be necessary as "how diffiult can it be to find a loch". (a true bimbler) Only to discover that bearings are actually very useful.

On the way down we could see the hut lying at the other side of the river - so a group decision was made to head straight there and paddle aross the river to avoid the long trek along the road. Well the river looked very shallow from 500m above! We hit the river 50m from the hut and after a little bit of scanning along it to find the shallowist part we sent in our very own bimble soc probes (Mark and Steve) to test if it was passable. Nope, it got to the top of my legs and I wasnt willing to go any deeper! It was bloody freezing!!! So a km walk further along and deciding our bimble was more of a amble we managed to paddle across and get back to the hut 2 hrs late with wet feet. Only to be met by everyone else already packed and waiting for us so they could go home. Nether mind!

All in all a sucessful bimble society meeting.

We set off at 16:30 and got home pretty fast all considering (23:00).
Thanks to everyone who came on the trip! It was absolutely spectacularly awesome!! Fabian

For more pictures check out Fabian's and Nick's and Steve's websites

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