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7-9 October 2005

The first trip of the year!
Traditionally a chance for the committee to take the new freshers to Scotland and give them a damn good beasting!

Not a bleeding chance! In fact we were worried that we were going to get a beasting, as on this trip we had a wealth of experienced walkers and mountaineers, only freshers in terms of the club and (in some cases) the University.

We had frantic driving between Lenton and Stores in the Van by Nick and Fabian, as Damian was waiting for the bus to actually be returned from another hirer. We were worried that we would not actually get off at all! However, before 6pm, we were all on the road - most in the full and utterly knackered minibus, and Fabian and Nick in the van off to collect Grahame from City Hospital.

We arrived in Penrith at about 9pm for dinner and were all entertained by the chavs doing their usual rounds in their crap chav-mobiles, complete with the sellotaped-on fins, wings and other classy paraphenalia. Basically just advertising the minute sizes of their brains and manhoods.

We all arrived at the Wigwams before 1am and were all in bed before 2am. At 7:30am, we were all roused by Nick to get the first day's walking underway. Faffability did not rear it's head and before long, Jo and Sudds were off with Nell Munro and James Tangen to bag Ben Dubcraigh and Ben Oss, and Grahame was driving the rest to attempt 1-3 Munros nearer The Bridge of Orchy further North. On this occasion, the fears about route-bagging proved unfounded as everyone got on the walk they wanted.

Ben Oss and Ben Dubchraig as seen from the Wigwams

For all groups, we had all four seasons in one day. Torrential rain quickly giving way to beautiful warm early autumn sunshine, but hail and driving sand-blasting snow showers at the tops of the Munros. Nick, Fabian and Rudolph went with Jan Kratochvil, Martin Perry and Hannah Cookson to bag Beinn a' Chreachain and Beinn Achaladair.

Grahame reluctantly fording a river

On the same circuit were Grahame and Franco with Chris Burn, Jonathan Wong, Richard Smith and Sebastian Stapfner also bagging these two, but adding Beinn Mhanach as their third. Along the boggy valley, we had a swap (Jonathan swapped into Nick's group as his knee was giving him trouble and Martin joined Grahame's group), but it was not until we were about 400m up, that the larger 3-munro group went off ahead and jonathan realised that he would have to come down. Nick kindly escorted him down leaving Fabian and Rudolph the leaders. We had an interesting ridge to ascend which would have been very tasty in winter conditions - as the group before us had already done we reached the summit of Beinn a' Chreachain just as driving snow set in. We decided to head back taking an interesting and boggy cross-country route (intentional for some reason - seemed a good idea at the time) and met Nick and Jonathan back at the car park. The others completed their three with only a few blisters.

Occasional Sunshine

Damo, the 2 Andreas and Gerrard went walking on what was meant to be a good track however it was not until 4 or 5 fords later that the group got onto a non water soaked path. For anyone else who tries to walk to Beinn Mhanach a good tactic would be to avoid the land rover track and keep East of the river therefore avoiding having to repeatedly cross it.

We had been over taken by a man on a bike and as we neared the final ridge we met him on his way down. He told us of how windy and cold it was up there. He wasn't wrong; we spent about 5 minutes there before heading off into the hail to get our faces sandblasted. We speeded back to find some of the fords had less water in even though it had rain a lot during the day!

After driving up and down and up the road to Bridge of Orchy, Damo and Nick finally picked the extremely fit 6 walkers (including 4 new MPS members Chirs, Ric, Sebastian and Martin, with Franco and Grahame leading the way) and headed back to the Wigwams where dinner was already on the way! Hannah cooked for the two vegetarians and Fabian and Grahame cooked a bolognase for the rest. We then retired to a pub in Tyndrum where we took over the conservatory for the evening.

We had a later start than was strictly necessary the next morning as - a coordinated wake up call failed to appear much to Franco's chagrin. The weather had turned slightly worse as it was significantly windier with heavier showers than the previous day.

A single munro attempt of Ben Challum was done. With many an aching leg a single Munro was defiantly a good walk to end the trip. The moor like landscape which Dave and Chris successfully navigated us (Damo, Nell, James, Jan and Andrea) through soon turned to a slightly steeper mountain. With a cloud base at about 800m we were glad of a path which lead straight to the South summit. After a quick 20 mins were on the actual summit with fantastic views (if you count being able to see 20m of whiteness all around fantastic!). The gale force winds soon had us speeding off back to the south summit where a sandwich and a couple of right handed gloves were the order of the day. We returned for 1515 at the wigwams ready to get out of our soaked clothes.

Meanwhile, Franco, Grahame, Gerard, Hannah, Martin, Sudds, Richard and Sebastian went to bag Beinn an Dothaidh and Beinn Dorain by Bridge of Orchy. There was a brief moment when Martin was almost lost in the cloud but the group regrouped and went on to both summits in worsening conditons. Suddard's eagerness to get back to the wigwams led to scratching three pannels down the side of the bus, but the bus was in such a poor state beforehand that this was probably an improvement (at least the side door now shut).

Jo went with one of the Andreas on a 15k bimble in the pissing rain.

Fabian and Jonathan were wigwam-bound due to knee injuries, and Nick had gone down with a steaming cold (and terminal flatuence by the sound of it).

Terminal flatuence?

All were down in good time and we left by 4pm, with the minibus drivers valiantly battling side winds for much of the way home. At Lockerbie, Nick provided great entertainment for a group of three 13-year-olds who found his attire hilarious (as did we all really). Unnecessarily tight jogging tights (aptly renamed the 'presidential powerhour posing pouch'), socks and sandles, topped off with his brightly coloured buff.

We were back at Stores around 11pm.

All in all, a good first trip with no major mishaps, some very keen and fit new members who hopefully won't be put off by the weather.

Thanks to everyone who came on the trip!!

Fabo and Damo

Awaiting input from anyone else who wants to.

More photos at Fabian's website

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