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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

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The tale of Spaceman, Superman, Snowman and Captain Kirk

Come now with me on a journey, through time and space, and scotland.

Allow me to introduce the team.

SupermanCaptain Kirk

A journey was made by 4 intreped explorers to discover the what lied at the top of the mountain. Not any mountain, but the devils mountain, named infact, the devils penis. The 4 adventurers set off from Lin of Dee on the 2nd of Jan 2012, nobody was sure if they would be seen again. Accompanied by Sherpers Jakub and Lucka, approch to the mountain was made via Glen Derry. A dounought break occured at Derry Lodge, otherwise the walk in to lairig ghru was, mostly steady an uneventful. However, Captain Kirk did put a leg into a man eating swamp at one point, getting covered in smelly mud all the way up 1 leg.

Once in lairig ghru, shelter was sought shelter in Courier Bothy; food eaten and bags lightened for the accent of the hills. The Journey was made in corie an t Saighdeir, where the accent the the ridge was chosen left of the gully and footpath to avoid any cornice that might have developed. From their successful accent of the devils point was made, see photo:

Upon decending back to the col, the full force of Scottish wind had developed for the day, and so had an icy patch. At this point the sherpers bid farewell and attept our second peak began, Cairn Toul. However, shortly after, it was realised impracticle (..near impossible) for continuation, in such conditions, so the 4 wise men also decided to decend to the bothy.


In the bothy, we descovered a few things:

1) Superman, infact was whereing boxershorts over his dryflow leggings, hence being dubbed 'superman'. I think it is fairly obvious why snowman and spaceman got their names, from their photos. Captain kirk, was called captain kirk, because nobody could do better though. I guess he was ment to be incharge!

2) Courier Bothy is one of the warmest bothys in scotland! I actually woke up in the night to unzip my sleeping bag. I would def recomend this bothy; its also in an amazing location. But be wherery, it is small (sleeps 8 at a squash, so it's worth taking a backup tent!)

3) Firewood is worth its weight in Gold. We got a rorring fire going, and I actually dried most of my clothes out.

4) Pasta, Spam, cheese and curry sauce mix supprisingly well!

The club, as part of its bagging, has a history of visiting bothys occasionally. See our bothys bagged page. This page has a great resource of information on bothys.

Now back to the story...

The snow came down thick and fast that night, so much so that the door could not be opened in the morning, without some force and an ice axe. This didn't phase the 4 wise men however, off they set trail breaking through knee deep powder snow. Superman took the lead, trailbreaking with endless energy. The party contoured into Glen Geusachan, where the full force of Scottish wind made iself apprant, saying hello, and abruptly blowing us off our feet. Adventurers like to push on and take risks, but prudence was the greater ruller this time, and the party turned around for what was originally thought to be an easy walk out, through Glen Dee. However, this so called easy walk, was somewhat harder due to the vast quantity of powder snow, unforozen ground (which the party had a habit of sinking into), and the gusts which blew us in various non-linear directions! (The gusts were probably >100mph, according the the wheather forcast.)

After what seemed like an age, the 4 wise me finally approched white bridge. In that hour and a half, all had experience similar emotions, considering, 1) lying down from exhustion 2) digging a snowhole 3) both are a bad idea, it is so cold they must keep moving, demanding as it is. This was a real test of endurance.

At White bridge, shelter was found and time taken to refuel. Superman was particularly cold, so he charge off again and the others follow. Spaceman, had hurt his achilles tendon before comming, and yet still came anyway. He was walking more slowly as a result (kudos to spaceman, he won the rock as a prize. Upon reaching lin of dee, where a road is, hugs all round with feeling of it's been emotional were dispensed, and lifts were hitched back to Braemar.

I would say here that all lived happily ever after; infact we are currently living, happily, after the epic.

This bothy trip took place on the Braemar new years trip 2011-12.

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