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Cairngorms 2007

Once again we met outside the stores loaded the kit onto the roof rack and set off to the sunny country of Scotland. This time we headed to the completely different location of the Cairngorms which we hadn't visited for a whole 3 weeks.

We arrived at Mill Cottage at 2am in the morning and everyone went quickly to bed only to be woken (or not woken in most cases) by a fire alarm 2hours later (4:25am). By the time I realised that it wasn't someone's alarm clock that they were too lazy to turn off, and crawled out of bed in the general dirrection of the loud annoying beebing I found Damo thumping it to make sure it had played its last note for the night. Thank you Damo, the next few hours of sleep could have been rubbish if you hadn't made the extra effort to get out of bed (unlike all the other lazy farts - including me).

2 hours later the 6am wake up call came in the form of Damo, and after a quick breakfast and crampon fitting session we were ready to hit the mountains.

Chris decided that walking wasn't for him and went climbing with Cat.

Damo decided to lead the longer walk taking in 2 Munros (Beinn Mheadhoin and Cairn Gorm), and in true hardcore style a number of his group came back injured from their day on the mountain. Notably Simon who decided to perfect the bollock arrest, which consists of sliding down a steep snow slope on your back, aiming for the nearest big rock and opening your legs up wide! (who needs an ice axe when you can use your manhood?)

Steve led the slightly easier walk up Bynack More and his group practiced some of the essential skills needed so that the bollock arrest could be avoided.

Martin, Grahame, Will and Fabian decided to go on a mahoosive bagging mission across some big rounded mountains somewhere, staying in a bothy.

That night after consuming enough food to feed 50 people (and with plenty left over for starters the next day) we headed to the local pub, the same one as the winter skills trip. Everyone got their first drink sat down and then proceeded to go to sleep, what a sight seeing 10 students too tired to drink! Whatever will be next?

Damo decided to bag 2 Munros in the Glen Feshie Hills and led the majority of people up them.

Meanwhile Steve dedcided that just 1 Munro would do followed by a nice relaxed afternoon in the hut. He just got back to the hut, lit the fire, put the kettle on and was just about to jump in the shower - when he received a phone call asking him to pick Fabian up after doing what no one should be able to do - the splits. He apparently used the slippery surface of ice to help him out but couldn't walk for the rest of the trip - so much for the relaxing afternoon!

Chris and Cat again headed out with the intention of some climbing.

That night everyone was back in the hut and so we headed back to the pub where we were entertained by Kingussie's prime entertainer: armed only with his Argos starters pack guiter and play along CD. The drive back entailed loud music, flashing lights and some amazing rave dancing. (Big fish little fish cardboard box)

Steve, Grahame, Stuart and Simon went of to do the Fiacaill ridge - a nice rock scramble, followed by a fast decent (which included some nice skating moves by Grahame) down a gullie into Coire an t-sneachda.

Damo led a group up a mole hill somewhere near Aviemore. Martin and William decided to climb Meall Chuaich which was a good hour long round trip away from the hut and Chris and Cat went climbing again. Fabian made himself useful by driving between locations dropping people off and picking them up again with awesome timing.

We all got back to the hut early afternoon, packed, cleaned and headed back to arrive in Nottingham at the surprisingly early time of midnight.

Nice one on another great trip!


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