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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

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Just to prove we actually did some walking

The Ben Lawers 5

Beinn Ghlas

On the Saturday Steve and Martin led a group along the Ben Lawers 5. After everyone introduced themselves we set of along a good path to the top of our first Munro (Beinn Ghlas).

Ben Lawers

After bagging our first Munro of the day we carried on along the ridge to Ben Lawers (the 10th highest Munro). As we ascended we looked back only to see Damo and Fabian's groups on the top of their 2nd Munro(Meall Corranaich). Damo was doing the Ben Lawers 7 and Fabian allegedly just the two - but his evil bagging instincts took over later.

At the top of Ben Lawers we all sat down and watched Damo's group been beasted down the side of Meall Corranaich ready to ascend Beinn Ghlas.

An Stuc

An Stuc added a bit more interest to the route as we descended down a small grade 1 scrambling section of the back of the peak. The weather was awesome with broken cloud and plenty of sun. As we walked along most of the group got involved with the navigation, learning how to read maps, take bearings and time and pace distances.

Meall Garbh

Our 4th Munro of the day was taking in with considerable ease, we were well ahead of the estimated time and so there was no need to rush the last 2 peaks. With plenty of breaks taken as we bimbled along the day couldn't have been much better.

Meall Greigh

Meall Greigh was the final Munro of the day (and probably the most boring). A long gentle inclined ridge led to the summit which was in cloud by this point in the day. After posing for a picture bearings were taken and we dropped of the side of the mountain and walked directly to the pub in the village of Lawers.

The Ben Lawers 2 ... and another one

Fabian led an eager group of four to bag the two north-easterly Munros on the Ben Lawers range. Damo was going for the seven and Fabian was allegedly going to take it at an easier pace. However, seeing all the clag at the top made the noble decision to let Damo do the navigation, and beasted his group up the flanks of Meall a' Choire Leith in hot persuit. The ridge between the two Munros however was a lot easier and before long we were getting stunning views of the back of Ben Lawers. At the summit of Meall Corranaich, we realised that most of the clag was clearing providing a stunning panorama. Including a great view of the notched ridge of Meall nan Tarmachan. This caused a chemical imbalance in Fabian's head and brought on a chronic attack of evil bagger. We were joined by Simon and I managed to convince him, Martin and Chris that they really wanted to walk up Tarmachan. They agreed as we had made it to the top of Munro 2 in 2 hours.
We boshed back to the bus, had a snack and then started up the ridge to Meall nan Tarmachan following an electric fence. A couple of scrambles and a final bosh brought us to the summit and all were thrilled with the complete lack of view due to clag that conveniently decided to follow us up. However, the time was now pressing on and Fabian's bagging instinct broke a bit to allow the thought that he would be in big trouble with Chris Burn and his group as they would have been back waiting for a lift. We pegged it down and arrived just 10 mins after Chris's group had got back and ended the afternoon with a 3km march along the road to the bus.

Meall nan Tarmachan

Did I not sell my walk well enough? Why weren't many interested in a relaxing amble along a nice ridge? Must all be too 'hardcore' I guess. Anyhow the four of us enjoyed ourselves.

Later on that evening, Steve and Fabian cooked what started of as bolognase but was ever after referred to as 'the bloody hot curry'. Perhaps we left it simmering too long while we went out to rescue a Damo in distress?

Other Highlights
-Long drive to pub. Tiny pub
-Steve and Chris's Sunday walk''
-Martin and Fabian's Glen Lyon 4
-Cloud inversions
-Woman and her dog
-Damo's Glen Lyon 4 in reverse
-"Get off my property!!" - Apparently you're not allowed to sit on a verge in Glen Lyon unless you like being shouted at repeatedly!

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