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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

The Blair Atholl Project

A crazy and insane trip undertaken by Damian Warren, Fabian Seymour and Martin Perry to bag some ridiculously remote Munros (and bothys) from the Blair Atholl Region (bloody baggers)

Pictures from the trip can be found at Fabian's photo galleries.

Geektastic statistics

DayDistance Walked (Km)Ascent (m)Descent (m)Speed (Kph)
Friday (Day 1)2100204.1
Saturday (Day 2)24.3190017304.1
Sunday (Day 3)23.4122013303.6
Monday (Day 4)10.5904204.4

How did we get to our remote campsite from the station at 10pm?:

A: We were extremely hardcore and ran
B: We were a little less hardcore and walked
C: We decided it was a bit chilly and got a cab

Concrete floors of bothys are:

A: Better than a 5 star hotel
B: a tad on the chilly side
C: F*cking freezing

We leapt out of bed at 6am (on all three mornings) because:

A: We were really eager to get walking
B: We were worried about lack of daylight hours
C: We were f*cking freezing

If you find the only patch of sheet ice on a mountain at a 20 degree slope do you:

A: Like Damian, walk round to the left of it
B: Like Martin, walk round to the right of it
C: Like Fabian, walk straight over it, fall arse over tit, spend the next 5 minutes crawling over it to the utter bewilderment of Damian and Martin

On our way to our 4th Munro on our first day, we had to cross a field. In this field were three horses. One was a little over friendly and came over to say hello. Right where the gate was. Did we:

A: Like Martin, say hello to the horse and walk through
B: Like Fabian, grumble at the horse and walk through
C: Like Damian, crap himself and five minutes later, have to get Martin to physically remove the horse

After getting to our second Bothy (The "Tarf Hotel"), Fabian realised he was getting cold (going hypothermic the great poof) because:

A: Martin and Damian walked too slowly
B: He fell in a river
C: He had been f*cking freezing in the morning, put on all his layers and sweated like hell into them all and had nothing to change into! (muppet)

After getting hypothermic, Damian and Martin decided to help Fabian by:

A: Being really nice to him, making him a cup of tea
B: Pointing and laughing
C: Making him do table lifts and squats

(actually, most of the above apply)

After getting his 100th Munro, like a true reserved gentleman, Fabian:

A: Shook hands with Martin and Damian and walked on gracefully
B: Said hurrah! and walked on gracefully
C: Leapt onto the cairn, performed frottagery with it for about 5 minutes, then ran around in circles punching the air and yelling!!

Martin brought an Ice Hammer with him because:

A: He's terrified of 20 degree slopes
B: He claimed it would be useful for hammering in tent pegs
C: He was a complete muppet and payed no attention to what he was stealing from Stores!!

Damian regretted bringing a two-season sleeping bag with him to Scotland because:

A: He'd never been to Scotland in Winter before and realised it was chilly
B: He did not want to get any sleep
C: He relied on MWIS for the weather forecast
D: He hadn't learnt anything from his trip to Plas y Brennin last year with Franco - if in doubt, always take your 4 season!

The Munro poo tally was:

A: Martin: 6, Damian: 7, Fabian: 8 (I swear it was that river water)
B: Martin: 1, Damo: 2, Fabian 8 (I swear it was that river water)
C: Martin: 2, Damo; 1, Fabian: 0

Virgin train conductors are:

A: Wankers
B: Wankers
C: Wankers

And finally...

The number of Munros bagged were:

A: 86
B: 0
C: 7

So how did you score? If you got mainly 'C's', then woohoo! You were right!

Fabian and Martin

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