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1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

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A Munro bagger is someone who wants to climb all the Munros, and therefore keeps a list of the ones he/she has done. A Munro Wall Chart and a red pen to colour in the triangles are useful accesories. If (see chart below) the owner forgets to stop, you will find yourself buying orange, and then green pens, and climbing the Corbetts and Grahams too. Obviously, there's nothing to stop you just buying the chart and colouring in all the triangles without actually having climbed the hills, but this is generally considered to be unsporting behaviour.

Unsurprisingly, we have a song for baggers, sung to the tune of The Wild Rover.
I've been a mad bagger for many a year..... and I've spent all my money on crap, posey gear.... I've walked through the Highlands and ticked off the peaks.... but now my pen's run out and my Goretex leaks.... and it's no, nay, never.........etc

Baggers are often accused of appreciating neither scenery or company, walking only so they can 'tick off' new ones and add to their tally, but what are they really doing it for?

In MPS we have a range of bagging types:
Unashamed baggers- such as former vice president Fabo, former treasurer Franco and former president Damo
Ashamed baggers- they are out of the closet about being baggers but are still ashamed about it - such as ex-mountain officer Adam "(bagging is trainspotting for fit people without acne" and Chris
Closet baggers- they are baggers but they don't admit to it - such as former president Nick )
Baggers in denial- on the very first summer meet, someone was famously heard to say "I'm not bagging, I'm just getting my numbers up."
Anti-baggers- sometimes deliberately avoids going to the summit as a protest against the bagging phenomenon - (such as Paul Gardner).
Scheming baggers- in the old days, before students had cars, part of the art of bagging on meets was getting the minibus to go to the right place. Simon (no driving licence) was once heard to drop into the conversation "there's been talk of going to Ben Sgulaird", a far-off hill of little interest to anyone else.
There are also plenty of genuine non-baggers in the club who are far more laid back and just walk for the sheer pleasure of it.

There are about 10 ex MPS members who are officially Munroists! These guys (and girls!) took about a decade to complete their round. (Incomplete list below)

Notable club baggers in recent years have included the two presidents, Matt Hilton and Jonny Rielly, Fabian Seymour and former treasurer Franco (the demon bagger). There have also been some impressive one off bagging feats - the most impressive ones of note in recent years being on the Easter trip 2007 where ChrisB ran 16 Munros in a day and Martin set a new MPS record of 23 in a week. Chris Drew and Dave Hilton's 40 hour traverse of all 11 Munros in the Cullin ridge in poor weather including two nights out on the Skye Trip in June 2003 is also worth a mention.

On week meets we award the highly coveted Pineapple award to the person(s) who bag(s) the most Munro's in the week. We also keep a Munro Tally of Munros bagged by members on MPS trips, so that you can see which Munros you have done, when and various details about the mountains themselves as a personal record.

Many people start out just walking for the fun of it and gradually become baggers when they start to count up and realise how many they've done. There comes a stage, say around 40 or so, when you have to start keeping a log or you forget, and then you have evolved into a true bagger...

Al Hampshire recently realised he was a bagger due to the fact he could list, name and count all the munros he had done over the years. Saddo.

Recently (March 2005) both Franco and Hilton passed the 100 Munro mark. Although Hilton vehemently denies any involvement in the vain and pointless pursuit of 'bagging' Munros, Franco is unrepentant. Matt further buried himself by getting up early after a heavy drinking session on the last day of the Braemar Trip in 2005 to run four Munros saying: "I need to do these so that I never have to come back here again". Spoken like a true bagger! Update 2008: A number of people or recent people from the club are now well over 100 and a few are over 200. Some people are concerned as to the number of 'last Munro' parties they will have to attend in a few years time.

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