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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

Saturday 16th July 2005

  • Walk to bivvi spot behind Albert Premier hut.
  • Really warm night but Matt, Al and Damian slept in Matt’s tent with three four season down bags.
  • Ben, Ed and Grahame bivvi, with Ben predicting a cold night also boiled but in his one season bag.

Sunday 17th July 2005

  • Ben, Ed and Grahame do Aig. Du Tour where Grahame encountered a crevasse at close quarters.
  • Matt lead the 200m ice climb on the Tete Blanche with Damian and Al following up.

Tuesday 19th July 2005

  • Damian and Ed live it up going for full board at the Refuge d'Argentiere.
  • Grahame, Ben, Paul and Clare also stay in the Refuge, where we all stayed in La Verte room,

Wednesday 20th July 2005

  • Morain stumble in the dark, then a long snow plod to a very windy coll with a short ice section to the summit of Aig. D'Argentiere.
  • Meet Jim with a true Alpinist???
  • Grahame, Ed, Ben, Paul, Clare, Damian summit Aig. D'Argentiere.

Thursday 21st July 2005

  • Paul and Claire return to Les Chosalets.
  • Grahame and Ben, and Ed and Damian head up to Glacier des Amethystes and up to Le Tour Noir.
  • Route mess up number one - descend between 2 summit peaks! Long walk back but end with a Rencard pizza so all was well.
  • Grahame also performed a Ben catch.
  • Grahame, Ed, Ben, Damian summit Le Tour Noir.

Tuesday 26th July 2005

  • Get Montenvers train up to Mer De Glace and route mess up number two. Decide to take the via ferrater routes on the North side of the glacier, all good fun with big packs, but arrive at Refuge du Couvercle by 7pm.
  • Crazy night in the Refuge with a lack of bed space.

Wednesday 27th July 2005

  • Early start and a very long walk up to Col de la Tr de Courtes.
  • Good ridges and gendarmes up to summit of Les Courtes. Continue traverse and descend awkwardly from Col des Cristaux.
  • Grahame, Ed, Ben, Damian, Matt, Jim summit Les Courtes.

Thursday 28th July 2005

  • Grahame, Jim and Matt do Aig du Moine returning to the hut at 21:30.
  • Return to Les Chosalets next day.

Sunday 31st July 2005

  • Matt and Damian head up to Glacier du Tour for a snow bivvi.

Monday 1st August 2005

  • Late start but do Forbes aręte on Aig du Chardonnet.
  • Lots of fun getting off mountain in snow and negotiating large seracs.
  • Cleverly miss cable car and have to walk all the way back but again pizza reward.

Friday 5th August 2005

  • Mont Blanc, no too windy.
  • Head up from La Flegere to the Aiguilles Rouges area (fast and light).
  • Matt, Damian, Ed, Ben, Paul, Matt Jones, Jim, Grahame all do routes on Index.
  • All bivvi under stars with Ben rustling away in his foil bag.

Saturday 6th August 2005

  • Spend most of the morning looking for start of Chap-Epaule de la Gliere even with Matt J who had done it before!
  • Pair up and set off for a whole day climb. Eventually reach summit with a hard final pitch.
  • Return to camp just as rain starts. Very amusing night hearing Matt H and Jim having fun in their bivvi bags with the rain pouring down.

Sunday 7th August 2005 Return to Les Chosalets to dry out.

  • Decide that Ed, Damian, Ben, Paul would go for Mont Blanc leaving on Monday even though weather forecast still predicted high winds.

Monday 8th August 2005

  • Ed, Damian, Ben, Paul set up camp on Col du Midi.
  • Jim, Matt and Grahame head over to Refuge-Hotel Torino.

Tuesday 9th August 2005

  • Ed, Damian, Ben, Paul have a 0130 start. Romp up past many groups on the Mont Blanc du Tacul hill, but taking a wrong turn having overtaken everyone we could see and head for MB du Tacul!
  • Realise error and head back to Mont Blanc route.
  • Reach Col de la Brenva and all feel less than perfect.
  • Head on and up to summit for some great views.
  • Grahame, Jim Matt summit Aig. ou Dent du Geant.

Wednesday 10th August 2005

  • Grahame, Jim Matt complete Arete de Rochefort.
  • Ed, Damian, Paul do Cosmiques Aręte.

Monday 15th August 2005

  • Go Climbing near le Nant.
  • Interesting day of falls and local folk party.

Tuesday 16th August 2005

  • Paul, Ed, Damian head up to Mer de Glace and over to Refuge du Couvercle
  • Jim and Grahame set off for Col du Midi.

Wednesday 17th August 2005

  • Slowly get up to Les Droites with only 4 other groups on the Mountain.
  • Descend via frozen mud couloir and get bombed by rocks.
  • Helicopter rescue, and Ed to Salanches Hospital.
  • Jim and Grahame summit Mont Blanc.

Wednesday 17th August 2005

  • Damian and Paul meet Ed and return to campsite.

Wednesday 24th August 2005

  • Everyone back in UK.
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