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"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Ice Climb

Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

Alps Trip planning 2004

If you've got definate dates of when you want to be out there put them up here so others can plan around it. I've attempted to get the information here in some sort of order so what you've written might have been moved about.

* WhoFly outReturnBooked?
* EdTuesday 6 JulyThursday 22 JulyYes
* NickTuesday 6 JulyThursday 29 JulyYes
* Matt SMonday 12 JulyTuesday 27 JulyYes
*JamesTuesday 6 JulyThursday 22 JulyYes
*GrahameTuesday 6 JulyThursday 29 JulyYes
*BenThursday 24 June (Car Ferry to Calais)Thursday 29 JulyNot yet

Sorry guys. I've got to pull out of the alps trip due to unforseen financial circumstances. Apologies if this causes any inconveniences. I'm sure you'll all have a great time. Jon

The aim of this page is for people to let each other know what they're doing for the Alps trip in terms of travel there and back, tents, equipment etc. Remember You'll need to get your own insurance - Mountaineering is a dangerous sport and our BMC insurance doesn't cover us in the Alps.


I used the BMC alpine & ski last year and it was fine (though apparently their not so good with lost kit). EDW

Another option is Snowcard insurance. Slightly cheaper than BMC for Level 4 insurance. James R

Briancon to Ailefroide

This link gives good info on getting there. JR

The best option seems to be a taxi - and as its only 15 miles it shouldn't cost too much between 3 or 4 of us. Nick

Dates and Flights

I'm planning on travelling out on tuesday 6th July and coming back on thursday 22nd july if we can get 3 other people who want to do the same dates then it might be worth hiring a car. EDW

Had a look into car hire. You need to be 23 to hire a car from Italy (Turin airport is the closest to Ailefroide) and would cost quite a bit for the 2 weeks hire. Still, would be useful to have a car for shopping trips etc. What do others think? JR

I'm seriously considering taking my car over and driving down. I'm quite up for a big European road trip, it should prove really useful there and I might spend some time bagging some via ferrata routes after the MPS gig, for which the car will help out massively. I need to suss out costs, dates and a host of other things, such as whether I take my car home to Jersey and get a ferry from there or straight from the UK. I'll crack on with sorting that out when I get a break from exams but in the mean time if anyone fancies a roadtrip let me know and i'll try and work in costs for passengers :) Ben

I'd be up for a road trip. Depends on how much, when and all that though. Let me know what you find out. James

Flying to Lyon, Geneva or Turin means changing at Grenoble station which makes for a long journey. Flying to Marseille means you can get a direct train which is only 5 hours journey. James R

Easyjet from Gatwick to Marseille going out on Tuesday the 6th July and returning on Thursday 22nd. £6.99 outbound and £6.18 return - hows that for a bargain. With taxes this comes to £33.67, not bad really. Plus as James said there is a direct train from Marseille to Briancon, taking about 4:30hrs. Nick

A return train from Marseille to Briancon costs £24.50. So including flights and trains the total travel cost is £58.17. Not bad really! Nick

Nick - where did you get the train price? The sncf website is saying more than twice that but won't confirm times.
Don't forget that for us notherners a return ticket to Stanstead costs £30ish. That can often make a big difference vs a London / East midlands flight. --Gaff

Guide Book

The best one(in my opinion, at least)is Ecrins Massif, Cerces and Queyras (Selected Climbs) by John Brailsford, Published by Alpine Club 2002, Distributed by Cordee £17.50 ISBN 0900523638. Grahame

More on Dates & Travel

Has anyone managed to get the timetables to come together for plane-train-bus to get to Ailefroide in one day? I've tried landing at Geneva and Marseilles but can't make it happen - any ideas? L'Argentière-La-Bessée is the nearest rail station, Courriers Transalpins run bascially school buses up to Pelvoux but not all the way to Ailefroide so it might have to be a taxi for the last bit. Hire car looks very tempting to me if 4/5 get together. It would useful in Ailefroide since most routes start from "Pré de Mme Carle", which is the true road head, 6.5km up from Ailefroide. My dates are 6th to 27th ish but can fit with others' plans. Grahame

I'd be up for joining in with the hire car plan. And I like the sound of your dates too Grahame - more time climbing and less time spent being bored back home! Four people sharing a hire car wouldn't be too expensive either. Nick
Me too but don't think i'll be able to stay as long as the 27th. I was thinking 6th - 22nd. Having a car would be useful but would still be expensive between 4/5. James.

'Les Refuges'

Details here. Grahame

Do we need to book them in advance then? My french isn't brilliant :-) James
Oui, il faut reserver des places, mais c'est pas la piene jusque on est installe a ailefroide sauf peut etre pour la premier route mais tout depend sur la meteo - or something like that, anyway many guardians speak un peu d'anglais - Grahame.
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