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Next Meet

"Wild Camping"

1st - 3rd March 2013

Next Social

AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
8.00 pm

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Ice Climb

Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

27 June-9 July

Chris arrives in Argentiere...general lack of people on first arrival so do lots of walking. Find people to go sport climbing with and plan to do the Cardinal, behind the Dru...but get lost on the Mer de Glace so sleep in Montenvers station and walk to the Couvercle hut.

4 July

Lou arrives for a very wet Conville

10-11 July

Lou and Chris have an amazing bivi on the glacier du Tour and climb the Aiguille du Tour by the pd, "Table du something". Damo's tent appears in Argentiere.

11 July

Crazy Night In Geneva for Adam and Steve

12 July

Travel to Zermatt and Adam and Steve, nearly minus a passport, and learn how to complain about how expensive everything is.

13 July

Wander up the Stockhorn

14 July

Damo, Adam and Steve do the "easiest 4000m peak", the Breithorn.

15-16 July

Pay money to stay in the Tasch hut and traverse the Alphubel. Bump into explorers and do our best to encourage cross-club relations. The banter was quite tame seeing as one of them had just dropped their bag off the Alallinhorn!. Chris goes home.

18 July

Franco arrived from Conville course in Argentiere. Damian and Steve return from Schienbiel hut after doing Mont Durand.

19-20 July

Damo, Lou, Steve, Adam and Franco did the Wellenkuppe via the Rottehorn hut. PD 3900m Nice hut except for the toilets. Big walk in - bigger than Ben Nevis - no lift. Adam lost his Ice ax.

21st July

Rest Day pottering round Zermatt Ed Arrives

22-24th July

All go up to the Tasch Hut to admire the view(s). Do Allainhorn 4000m Then Rimpfischorn 4200m - 16 Hrs - Ed stayed behind to "acclimatize"

25th July

Rest Day, Jim and Grahame arrive with base camp tent and lots of goodies.

26th July

Jim and Grahame walk up to Hornli hut and run down to Zermatt. Damian, Ed, Steve and Franco bivvi at 3700m next to Pollux.

27th July

Grahame and Jim do Stockhorn. Damian, Ed, Steve and Franco do Castor and Pollux.

28th July

Rest day

29th July

Bye Bye to Ed and Damian, Steve, Franco, Grahame and Jim walk into Adler Glacier for a 3400m snow camp.

30th July

Damian, Steve, Franco, Grahame and Jim do Adlerhorn en route to Strahlhorn (419?m). Find random glove and Franco throws his helemt off the mountain (but has kindly replaced it already).

31th July

Walk out to base.

1st August

Rest day but decide to celebrate Swiss Day in Zermatt which turned out to be a crazy night. End up in a mad foam party with Damian and Grahame returning to campsite just before dawn and Jim and Steve returning at 6:30am.

2nd August

Hang over day.

3rd August

Find out that the North ridge of the Alphubel is in fact an AD - nice. Climbing at Rifflehorn? o no its raining!

4th - 8th August

I'm show terrible.

Trip to Chamonix to escape bad weather for some sport climbing and general drunkeness. Steve takes a lead fall, sprains ankle and get helicopter ride down. La Rencard is a bad place.

9-10th August

Up to tasch hut to do Alphubel.

11th-12th August

% Rimpfischorn for Grahame and Jim.
Franco and Damo spend two nights in a very cold Rothorn hut, waiting for the Zinalrothorn to come good, but it snows too much.

13th August

Rain all day scuppers idea of going skiing

14th August

We write a climbing guide for crags above Zermatt, and try some silly hard overhangs.

15th August

Breithorn, again for Damo.
Franco and Damo get fed up of bad weather and head home early despite the terror threats.

16th August

Doss day in zermatt shopping for those essential gifts to placate our parents as the wanderers returns after a month or more. Jim buys new penknife. Jim cuts himself with penknife!!

17th August

Hire mountain bikes from Zermatt - head up to Sunnegga and on towards Rifleboden. Return down some fast open lanes and then some single track. You'd never guess but the Swiss have a whole workshop at the lift stations - just guess how we came to find out.

21st August

Al having arrived on Friday and Matt arriving at 9am today (not after searching every campsite in the valley for us) we walk into the Rothorn Hut with the intention of climbing Ober Gabelhorn having heard from the warden that the route was in condition.

22nd August

Set off at 4am to climb Ober G and by 10am find that the warden had been talking crap and that the route was not in condition. Plough on anyway and end up having a bit of an epic day, summiting at about 2pm (i think??)

23rd August

Arrive back at the Rothorn hut at 00:30. Warden manages to redeem herself for misinforming us about the route by waiting up for our return and presenting us with much needed hot soup and tea.

After some much needed sleep and omlettes, we head back to the valley.

26th August

J & G head off towards Dunquerque. Matt heads off to Lauterbrunen to meet up with his ball flicking army chums.

Aufwiedersehen Wallis!!

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