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1st - 3rd March 2013

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AGM. Portland D136.

Thursday 14th March
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Manchester Indoor Ice Wall
Friday 1st December at 8:30am

If you don't want this for a time, please comment it-Fabian !Next Climb

MPS members arrived at the Expedition Stores ready for another weekend in sunny Scotland. However, it quicikly emerged that things were far from normal. 7 of the 14 who turned up didn't look like normal MPS members. In fact, some people present had never seen anything quite like it at all. Fortunately resident biologist Fabo was on hand to explain that these were, in fact, 7 'fe-males'. This is apparently not an unusual condition. According to Fabian, at least 50% of the worlds population are in fact "fe-male" it's just unusual to see them on MPS trips. This issue resolved, we felt safe to load up the minibus and continue to Scotland.

After an uneventful journey north, stopping at Penrith for food, we arrived at Aberfeldy about 2am. The bunkhouse was possibly the best accomodation in MPS history including showers that don't only scald or freeze you, heating, mattresses and compared to some places we have stayed - they even had lighting! Don't get used to it!!


Woken at 7:30am and on the road by 8:30am. By 9am we all at the Ben Lawers visitor centre car park. Fabo and Adam decided to beast newbies Susie, Jo, Lou, Tom and oldbies Leah and Nik, along the Ben Lawers ridge taking in 5 of the 7 Munros on offer. The weather occasionally threatened to clear but that would have ruined an otherwise perfectly crap weather day where the beautiful views could be seen for about 20 metres in all directions. We had a few fleeting moments of the clouds parting and even a cloud inversion at the top of Ben Lawers, but feeling ashamed of itself the weather soon blocked out the sun and the wind started howling again.

Shadows on Ben Lawers

Grahame, Damo, Chris, Vicky, Kat and Val all went up the Tarmachan hills. Not a ptarmigan in sight - did they know something we didn't? Actually we all knew - we just didn't want to admit that the hills were clagged in. We plodded steadily up into the clag and waved bye bye to the views of Killin. Kat was suffering a bit with her ribs making it difficult to breath properly. A leftover from being rundown by a car back home in the states. The ridge was really quite blowy and whilst it wasn't actually raining the act of walking in a cloud was enough to dampen our spirits. We eventually found a sheltered hollow for a quick bite, finsihed the main ridge and dropped off from the col below the 916. Chris was the nav daddy taking us straight to a track which provided as quick route out to the bus at the NTS visitor centre. We then headed along to the Lawers hotel for a fine pint or two waiting for the well beasted Lawers 5 party to show.

The evening was spent going to co-op, where we attempted to achieve the best alcohol obtained/money spent ratio possible. Matt Hilton rang to tell us he couldn't find us which made a nice change from 'my car broke down'. It's worthy of note that Matt was only on foot because his car hadn't made it out of Reading - blown head gasket he later admitted with a wry smile.

Chilling outGrahame cooking

Evening was spent sat around the table eating drinking and being merry. Fabian snored and got hit progressively harder by Adam throughout the night to stop him. It didn't stop him snoring, but it made Adam feel happier. Val didn't even bother to try the dorm prefering instead to share the lounge with Milton.

DAY 2:

Fabian, Damo, Kat and Jo were out for the count due to injuries and illness and plain knackeredness, but Fabo and Damo agreed to ferry people to their walking destinations - the two walks on offer being about an hour apart from each other!

Loch Tay (at 65mph)Chauffer Damo driving

A team lead by Grahame comprising, Adam, Vicky, Lou, Tom and Sophie went to do Meall a Choire Leith and Meall Corranaich or 'two big grassy lumps in the clag' as Grahame sold it to everyone. The weather was stunningly beautiful and perfect - after we got down. Up until then it was awful. Howling wind and a hardy Scotsman in shorts were both present. A great oppotunity to practice navigation! Lou did well leading the first leg to get us on top of Corranaich. Tom took over for what has to be said was the trickiest part and did a fine job. Realising that you are not where you wanted to be is half the battle. After a stop to debate and re-orient ourselves we crossed the bowl and up on to the ridge we wanted. It was showing signs of clearing intermittently but we were still deprived any views from the second summit. Sophie took over the lead to get us on the way home setting a bearing to take us off the summit in the right direction, always a useful technique. After a few feet of descent we were out of the clag and everyone felt like sitting down and soaking up the place for a while - but as always there's a bus to catch!!

Chris, Val, Nik and Matt headed up Schiehallion on a newly refurbished motorway path (that cost 817,000 apparently) and then down to the pub. Insert any relevant comments here.

Following the traditional MPS minibus faff the drive back began... As usual we stopped at Lockerbie for food, where the local neds were out in force to greet us (a ned is the Scottish name for a chav). This was possibly a celebration of someone worth mugging being in town, but lets not jump to conclusions. Tom pointed out they were far, far, FAR cooler than we will ever be so we really can't criticise them.

There was also a drunk scottish bloke who thought singing DO YA WANNA and yelling 'ALL ABOARD!' was hilarious. But we all disagreed. But what do we know?

Got back to Nottingham about midnight and all presumably went straight to bed. Other than those of us who had to stay up to write meet reports.


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